The Witcher developer CD Projekt RED wants to set new standards with Cyberpunk

GamesBeat's Stefanie Fogel recently had a chance to sit with Polish video game developer CD Projekt RED at this year's E3 and talk about their upcoming RPG Cyberpunk.

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SybaRat2141d ago

They gave Obama copies of the Witcher games? I wonder if he nailed all those women in the game...?

NYC_Gamer2141d ago

I have full faith in whatever CD Projekt produces

GamingPerson2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

It will be top 5 Rpg of that year no doubt.
It funny the pc devs are the ones making the non linear/Mature game & will most likely have free dlc(like portal 2).

This kinda shows the difference between pc & console market.

Alos882141d ago

"GamesBeat: Is Cyberpunk going to be a PC exclusive when it first releases?

Iwinski: No, no. We are looking at Macs as well. "

Would it offend anyone here if I said that felt like a "yes and no" answer?

vortis2141d ago

As long as they don't gimp the PC version for a watered down console port, it's all good.

I won't be getting excited about PC-based games going multiplatform until the Xbox 720 and PS4 are announced.