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Rumor - Major Black Ops II Multiplayer Changes, Will Use A Point Allocation System

MP1st - "Before delving into today's intel, here's the back story on how we verified it. Last night, a Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer rumor was going around that Treyarch is doing away with the fixed slot system in Create a Class in favor of a point allocation system."

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WagFanger2297d ago

Wow, I previously heard that this 10 point allocation thing was for one mode.

I am really excited for this! They really meant it when they said they were breaking long held mechanics.

The only trouble I see is balancing such an open system will be pretty hard.

And there's a few questions that opened up from that dialogue:

Does wager matches signify the return of COD points?

And when he says stacking up a load of perks will leave you with only a knife - is the knife a seperate weapon now, or will they give you a pistol with tac knife?

I really hope in the Create a Class menu there's a little grid that fills up Tetris style as you select your different items. I think that would look reallly cool.

Chaotic_Lament2296d ago

I can already see it. Most players will eschew special grenades and secondary weapons to load up on extra perks.

JaredH2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Yep it's confirmed. I listened to that podcast before it was edited. One of the loadouts you can do is just have a bunch of perks and only have a knife so you need to knife someone to get a gun. It sounds different at least.

Tonester9252296d ago

Treyarch always innovates!

-GametimeUK-2297d ago

Brilliant! I really hope this game gets the shake up it needs. I absolutely love the CoD franchise, but it's even getting stale for me. Still not buying any subscriptions or map packs, though.

Moby-Royale2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Lol I'm in the same boat as you.

I buy the game(s) after the first price drop, and have only purchased one thing of dlc in my life(it was not cod dlc).

I like the changes that they are claiming to be making. I like the treyarch campaign the most, I just hope that Gary Oldman somehow shows up. :P

One thing that I need it to have is kill confirmed. That was MW3's saving grace imo. I could have the least amount of kills and still win. Though since they didn't keep the great customization from blops in MW3 I'm concerned that they won't take that great mode back into their own game.

Idk. Now that I am thinking about kill confirmed, assuming that blops2 does not have it, it's going to take quite a bit of change to convince me to come back.

Here's hoping at least.


Edit: typographical error

-GametimeUK-2296d ago

Kill confirmed is a good mode and the best addition to MW3, but I find myself still playing Blops more. I just don't like MW3 at all. I hope Kill Confirmed makes its way into Blops, but my ultimate game mode I want to see return is War. Loved that mode in CoD3 and [email protected] Would be the icing on a delicious looking cake. Hope you enjoy the game, dude.

outlawlife2296d ago

Max Payne 3 has a similar system but with weight instead of points. It makes you really think through what you want.

Although the prospect of guys running around with a ton of perks and one weapon seems like it could have a loophole or two.

Gamer-Z2296d ago

Pffff you can forget about balance in this game the point system will make for a completely unbalanced MP.

GraveLord2296d ago

Oh look! It's our most hated neighborhood COD troll!

Gamer-Z2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

You should talk your the biggest COD fanboy on this site, dude i bring up a legit issue and your response is to call me a troll instead of trying to be more helpful and informative. Anyways everybody knows that current COD's have been struggling with balance (MW3) and it just seems that a point system will unbalance the game even further. As someone who is actually a fan and not a fanboy i want to see the game improve and not get worse that's all.

h311rais3r2296d ago

Oh look it's our most hated COD fanboy! Balance is a legitimate concern but in ur eyes cod can do no wrong

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The story is too old to be commented.