Diablo 3 Monk "Inferno Master" Build

This is a decent skill build for the Monk in Diablo 3 that will help you if you need help taking on Inferno with this melee class.

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firelogic2298d ago

These vids indicating a "master" build are useless. The game purely depends on gear. You can use the exact same skills and play tactics as the most beastly d3 players in the world and it won't matter if your gear sucks.

For example, someone has an amazing Barb that can solo inferno, but I can't get through inferno like he does even if I copy his skills and tactics because my gear doesn't keep me alive. The dude is equipped with at least 120 million worth of gear.

Chri51232297d ago

Totally agree with you. Especially in Inferno your gear is the MOST important thing. This video/build assumes that you have decent gear but I will do some more videos with gear suggestions as well.