The most promising Game of E3 2012

E3 showed off some cracking games to look forward to between now and next year, but which game looks the most promising?

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RaidensRising2298d ago

The last of us had me hooked but they showed too little.

NukaCola2298d ago

If the demo was an hour, they'd of still shown too little. I mean that game just had me wanting more. I love the savages that the humans have become in the fight for survival. I hope to see some zombie gameplay at Gamescom. I mean if you are sucking on ammo against slow moving humans, what about these monsters. *chills*

Thatguy-3102298d ago

watch dogs is so overrated IMO. Yea it does look amazing but what they showed was scripted -_- I bet anything that it wont look as good in consoles. This will be KZ2 all over again. That being said it looks like a modern assasins creed so im looking forward to it in a way.

Gearshead752297d ago

How can a game be overrated based on a demo? What we saw looked fresh and innovative compared to other games shown at E3 and that is all we have to go on. So if anything it looks great as shown and if people are excited I think there is plenty of reason to be. How it turns out is another story...I remember Rogue Warrior when it was first announced and the gameplay footage shown. When it released it was a totally different game and pure crap.

Freak of Nature2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

The last of us has most people hooked....

For me along with the last of us it is pretty clear by most peoples thoughts at the show or from home that "Watch dogs" was a show stopper, with potential galore. It appears to be a true next gen game. It is a real gem in the making...

I was also really hoping to see/hear something/anything on *Media molecules* new IP, but the wait continues. But all good things are worth waiting for I guess...Just like I have for the next new Oddworld game for 7 years now....