PS Vita with $50 gift card, 3DS with $20 gift card at Target this week

XMNR: Target is joining in with Best Buy by offering a $50 gift card with the PS Vita and a $20 gift card with the Wii for the week of June 12, 2012 but it is going one further by also offering up a $20 gift card with Nintendo 3DS. The retailer is also offering $10 off Max Payne 3 this week.

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Shnazzyone2291d ago

Looks like vita needs to start mulling a price cut. It's almost like target threw in the deal for 3ds so vita doesn't feel bad that target is paying people 50 bucks now to buy one.

GarandShooter2291d ago

Oh yeah, I'm sure Target was absolutely worried about hurting the feelings of an inanimate object.

2291d ago
aquamala2291d ago

Walmart and amazon also have $50 gift card for Vita

metsgaming2291d ago

yep took advantage of the amazon $50 and bought a vita, i knew that they would probably match when best buy had it.

Smokingunz2291d ago

I guess I should go pick up a copy of black ops

omarzy2291d ago

Time to get a 3DS. just have to sell my DSi at a good price first

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