Wii U First Devkits (CAT-DEV V1-V2)

As we promised we launch this new section with a big surprise for everybody. We have exclusive pictures of Wii U‘s first development kits.

The codename for these devkits (and their next iterations) is CAT-DEV (Cafe Tool for Development) plus the version.

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dark-hollow2381d ago

Even the development kit have a better name than the wii U :D

bahabeast2381d ago

i actually wana try out this wii u

yabhero2381d ago

So if the used the second dev kit at e3 and it Ninty usually does half the full power . The rumor then was that those kit were 50% more powerful than 360/PS3. Measures of computers work differently. For example 20% less than 6 is 4.8.
I wonder how powerful the final kits are, developer just got the final kits last month.