Another Wii U infographic

This is the second Wii U infographic released by Nintendo.

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WagFanger2292d ago

Zombie U only has one life??

Is that proper permadeath, or restart without anything like DayZ? Cos a full retail game with permadeath does NOT sound appealing

christheredhead2292d ago

I think what it was is that you start back at the beginning of the area or stage and you lose everything. If you want to reclaim your gear/items/weapons, you have to go back to where you died and kill your zombie self that now has your backpack.

Its a pretty funny idea that your former self turns into a zombie.

TheModernKamikaze2292d ago

What the guy said,
Die and you restart with a new survivor and you can try to reclaim you items.

Y_51502292d ago

100 plus Pikmin? I thought you can only command only 100 at a time! O_O
Miyamoto is a Pikmin master!