Wii U infographic covers console specs

Nintendo of Europe has posted a Wii U infographic covering the console’s specs. We’ve posted the image for you above.

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WagFanger2377d ago

Looks horrible to hold. How are you supposed to reach the middle of the scree without removing your hold on the side?

Guess I'll have to see one hands on to really decide.

eagle212377d ago

Don't be foolish. Take your index finger and touch. Nobody uses their thumbs on a touch screen.

Crystallish2377d ago

maybe i am just weird, but i am using my thumb to call a mate with my phone. i also browse through my images like that. pretty convenient to use just one hand.

Dovahkiin2377d ago

Nobody? I disagree, I've seen it done many a time, and have done so myself; many a time.

WagFanger2377d ago

There's controls on both sides. You're telling me that I have to sacrifice being able to use them and take my hand off the side to use my index finger.

That's just counter intuitive...

kneon2377d ago

Really? I'm typing this right now on a 7 inch tablet using just my thumbs.

But that controller is freakishly huge, it's even bigger than I was expecting.

miyamoto2377d ago

"Nobody uses their thumbs on a touch screen."

Dude this is not the 1960's.

I have been typing comments here on N4G for a year now using my two thumbs on my Galaxy S2 Super AMOLED Plus touch screen.

SpinalRemains1382377d ago

Clearly, you do not own a Vita nor have you ever played Resistance Burning Skies.

The Auger is a perfect example. You can't launch the shield without using your thumbs. Unless you put the device down and use your index fingers I suppose, but that would be absolutely pointless.

bahabeast2377d ago

lmao everyone uses their thumb to browse a touchscreen unless ur a ninja turtle.

badz1492376d ago

"Nobody uses their thumbs on a touch screen."

simply the dumbest thing I've heard all day!

sinender2376d ago

You've obviously never used a Ps Vita D:

MaxXAttaxX2376d ago

Dude 99% of the time, people are using their thumbs on their phones, Vita and even DS.

It's pretty big
And is now even bigger.

What you're saying is confirming that you HAVE to break your hold from the controller in order to use your index fingers.

The game blacks out your TV screen to tell you to look down at the gamepad.
The Wii U gamepad breaks the flow of gameplay.
I truly hope the Pro controller can be used for all core first-party and third-party games.

WeskerChildReborned2376d ago

You must not own a touch screen cause i use my thumbs more than my index finger due to have a touch screen phone.

xAlmostPro2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I think a lot of you are missing a valid point WagFanger was trying to make.

Yes yes yes we've use our thumbs on other touchscreen deices, but mobiles are not 10" wide are they?.. so that makes your statements invalid.

The fact is here, the thumb sticks are right out at the edges, i'd place a bet that all without really big hands will not be able to reach the touchscreen center with their thumbs from the same position they're in while using the sticks.

It will either take some awkward re-positioning where you look like a t-rex trying to ride a motorbike or lifting your hand from one side.

Which creates another problem, after the wii. Nintendo have developed a huge market for casual and child gamers. I really can't see children being able to use this without removing hands either.

Don't get me wrong people will adapt and even if they do remove hands to reach a function, they'll get faster at it and it will become fluid. However the last thing people want to do is get used to yet more new buttons, put more effort into using them and then the screen will be used for different things each game also.

TL;DR A phone is not the same as this in size or weight, device is big which complicates things for small hands(such as kids) and casual gamers who have been their main market with the wii.

NeoTribe2376d ago

I'm actually scrolling down the comments using my thumb right now... I must be crazy.

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TheModernKamikaze2377d ago

Use your one hand to reach it and use the other to hold it?

SilentNegotiator2376d ago

It's like the N64 controller all over again. Perfect for that octopus gamer.

TheModernKamikaze2377d ago

Just try it first before saying something that isn't justified yet.


the thing im most concerned about is size and weight from a childs perspective as im gonna buy one for my son whos 5 but just not sure if he will struggle to hold one handed whilst using touch, guess il just have to wait for an instore demo but im sure nintendo would have thought of there main audiece in the pads design...

IRetrouk2377d ago

I'm going to use that excuse with the girlfriend to get one too, might let the kids have a go or two lol

fr0sty2376d ago

Or your ****. Whatever best suits you.


Not a very good idea, if you sneeze the screen will be covered in mucus.

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Ck1x2377d ago

People that have played games at e3 say its light and comfortable to use and we still see comments like this, of People saying it looks cumbersome. Just wait until you try it out to reserve negative judgement for it!

joeorc2377d ago

"Just wait until you try it out to reserve negative judgement for it!"


I have used many Tablet devices, and i have try'ed out the WikiPad and i can tell you it's not cumbersome as many i see post seem to think it will be. for many i think have not really used Tablets like Android or iPad Tablets for use for extended time's. Its not that bad at all, In my opinion it's no where near the problem some are trying to make it out to be.

WagFanger2377d ago

If you're referring to my comment, at least read it properly.

I SPECIFICALLY said 'looks' because I don't know, and finished by saying 'Guess I'll have to see one hands on to really decide'.

joeorc2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

i agreed with you both.

i was simply saying in the fact that many who have not really played a game on a tablet for extensive time IE: length may have to tryout it for them selves before saying that it was not what they feel is a good way to play games on. Im just saying everyone is not the same and you have to try it out for your self if it's not the ideal game solution to control games or play games on.

BLAKHOODe2376d ago

I'm sure the game pads at E3 were tethered too, though, so that nobody ran off with one. We really won't know what it's all about until we get our hands on one.

Rashonality2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

nothing new here....

Multi-core processor and AMD based Graphics card, which can be alot of things

DeadlyFire2376d ago

I hate articles like this. Should be titled Wii U controller infographic. This has no console specs.

hennessey862377d ago

based on this and based on that, why won't they just say what they actually are. It seems they are trying avoid the issue which worries me. I am opened minded so if they can prove this console is a step up from the 360 and PS3 then I will think about buying one. The graphics a E3 don't worry me, its a new console so developers will need time to get used to it. Just look at the launch games for the 360 and PS3 compared to now.

turgore2377d ago

* Sells nintendo stocks.

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