A Certain Lack of Common Courtesy at E3

Arcee "To get this straight and clear from the get go this article isn’t about everyone who attends E3. For the most part the attendees at E3 are professional, courteous and repectful of their fellow attendees. But as with every aspect of society, gaming culture included, you have a small minority of people who manage to make a complete ass of themselves and make the rest of us professionals and media representatives look bad. It is this small minority, however, that can potentially give all of us gamers a bad name."

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Corn2348d ago

these posters need to reread their articles before posting them! Certain parts didn't really make sense... :/

vikingland12348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I do agree with the artical about the way people act. And it's not only at E3 either, it's wherever there is any type of function that alot of people attend. So many people are selfish and olny care about themselves and what they want. But there are also stand up guys like the author and I would much rather be around people with some self control.