How Halo 4 made me stop dismissing Halo

OXM's Alice Scoble-Rees writes: "The Chief's back, and this time I actually care."

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Prince_Dim-Lu2232d ago

Halo 4 looked great! I can't wait. We'll be giving away 2 copies of this game on my site when it releases. I'm so happy they're making it where if someone leaves a game, another will join to make the teams even... instead of must leaving it 4 on 3, o 4 on 2 or whatever.

delosisland2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Absolutely. One of the best updates. Hated how 80% of matches in Reach ended up lopsided.

DryPancake2232d ago

The thing I hated most about Reach was the Booting system. My file share is filled with a series of clips of me getting booted in the most retarded ways ever.

Something like me driving a warthog, a team mate jumps in front of it, I slow down I'm not gonna hit him, teammate runs into bumper, I'm booted.

Or driving a ghost with speed boost and someone comes around a corner, I'm booted. It's ridiculous.

AgreeFairy2232d ago

I'll keep dismissing it because it has been going downhill for years. The last good Halo was Halo 2. Apparently, this one will be Halo 4: Bionicle Edition.

ARC35822231d ago

Nice article and everything... but not at all what I expected. I thought he'd say something about how the gameplay looks more fun, or the story looks more interesting, or how spartan ops is the coolest thing to come to Halo since the gauss-hog, but it seems like the only reason he likes halo 4 better is because he has some weird fetish for robot enemies...