Wii U, a pre-order reveals the likely price

To be verified.

An announcement at E3 last year and this year a conference dedicated to show the new functionality and launch line-up, paved the way for U Wii to arrive by the year 2012. But at what cost?

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Chuk52292d ago

360 euros?

That's well over 400 American if I'm to be correct.

If this rumour is true, Nintendo has dug themselves into a bigger hole.

eagle212292d ago

What hole??????? You believe this over walmart or best buy rumors? You know, huge retail giants?

Uncharted2Vet2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

prices vary on the economical climate of the country more than likely it won't be that price in America, if it is though then nintendo gotta be of that crack. except sony who thought they could sell stuff overpriced off their name

live2play2292d ago

to be fair

sony didnt overprice their console

yea 600 is alot but not compared to what you were paying for

bluray alone was expensve back then

live2play2292d ago

unless you meant other sony products instead of the ps3

Uncharted2Vet2292d ago

@CaCi Sony in general not just the PS3

Gamer19822292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Sony included brand new technology in PS3 at launch that made that price viable but people didnt want it and that was the blu-ray player. Some say it was a mistake now it looks great.

As for this it will no doubt be about $380 in america. It's £280 in UK which compared to PS3 at £140 and 360 4GB and £100 it's going to struggle. But Nintendo are so full of themselves they think because Mario is launching with the console people will buy it at this ludicrous price. Just think you can buy a 360 AND PS3 for the price of a WiiU... The PS3 gives you a blu ray player and the 360 a long standing online community. Compared to the wiiu with lets be honest has a Giant PSP for a controller with a few extras.

I fear people will put this down to a expensive toy rather than a serious contender.

Also how much are replacement controllers gonna cost? We don't know this yet? No doubt near the £100/$200 mark I reckon..

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kneon2292d ago

Closer to $450 at current exchange rates.

TheLyonKing2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Import tax a lot cheaper in U.S than in Europe and it's mega high here in the U.K if you covert the euros then yeah it's that price but that price is import tax added.

Like a comment above says it is varied on economical climate. Rate of production is the same price it's just getting into said countries.

juaburg2292d ago

Jip, that is a a lot of money...

-GametimeUK-2292d ago

It is, indeed. I will simply wait for a significant price drop. I am in no rush for the console and the library will be more expansive when I decide to buy.

AceofStaves2292d ago

That's my intention, too. I won't be purchasing a Wii U until the library makes it worthwhile.

Gamer19822292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Thing is now we all know if we DONT buy nintendo WILL drop the price as we found out with 3DS. So people will refuse to buy until they drop it.

Les-Grossman2292d ago

Is Nintendo pulling a Sony ?

Chug2292d ago

And what would that be? Initially selling their console at a loss? I highly doubt that.

from the beach2292d ago

Damn, pretty sure I'm going to end up spending like £500 on this by the time you total it up with games. Roll on launch day!

Luthiens12292d ago

Preordered from shopto today £280...sniff. not bad..sniff

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