Zombie U - a James Blunt of a game?

With only one life which can only be bitten once by a flesh craving, cockney zombie; how can this ever be fun?

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insomnium22379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I can't get over the fact how completely idiotic it sounds to include a "U" after these games' names.

It's like all credibility flew right out the window the second we heard the name of any said game with a letter "U" after it's name. That's my own personal first impression of this situation.

ItemGet2379d ago

Although it sticks with Nintendo's traditions. Remember when everything was 64?

-GametimeUK-2379d ago

Also, in the snes days a bunch of titles had "super" in it. Not to mention the same trend happened on the DS. The sub titles on DS often contained words beginning with D and then S which was pretty clever.

WagFanger2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Smh at all the disagress you got.

Who cares if it's tradition, still sounds f*cking retarded

solidjun52379d ago

What really would have been clever if they called the game U Zombie since you only get a 1 life.

live2play2379d ago

it 'kinda' does make sense though

if u get bit U turn into a zombie

then U have to hunt for yoUr old self

theres also that app that turns yoUr face into a zombie face

jacen1002378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

U are correct buddy lool.. Some people are just plain dumb and dont get the message

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ItemGet2379d ago

Naming is always an odd subject for games, but sticking a U after it is indeed bizarre.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2379d ago

Kind of bizarre, but you can at least say it fits the tone of the game. Everyone says that you/u will die and that the character that you/u control will become a Zombie.

And you/u will also have to confront those Zombified characters.

So, it's a play on words "Zombie-You"

But it does make me think that the game should take place on a college Campus. Or that the "U" should be followed by a "K".

sknygy2379d ago

Did you know Ubisoft's first game was called Zombi?

frequentcontributor2379d ago

I think the game sounds really cool. I do feel like an idiot when saying the name to people, but having to use the touchscreen in real time and not getting to play as the same character if you die are both ideas that make for a more real, visceral experience. EVERY OTHER game has you as a superhuman killing machine that can mow down thousands of zombie/aliens/soldiers without ever being affected while you reload with lightning fast precision. While that can be fun, so can a more realistic take, where you get killed 5 minutes in and lose all your cool stuff because you're just a regular person... I saw some gameplay footy that seemed to indicate that your goals stayed the same after dying, somehow (because the mission was constantly listed on the screen... Although maybe just for the short E3 demos...), but I'd like to get new, specific missions with each new character you portray.