TOP 5 Playstation VITA games- Video review

We discuss the Top 5 Playstation Vita games with a brief Review of these games in these Videos below.

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geniusgamerdoc2352d ago

PERSONA 4 and GRAVITY RUSH are my most anticipated VITA Games this Summer.

Pain_Killer2352d ago

Hope they bring Uncharted: Golden Abyss to the PS3.

geniusgamerdoc2352d ago

I almost forgot that Epic masterpiece.
It definitely makes sense to Play it with my *Girlfriend* with Transfarring Cross platform creations.

liamtrees12352d ago

does anyone know when that's out even, i hope it's out soon

Skateboard2351d ago

I like Little Deviants, some of the mini games are really addicting.

RaymondM2351d ago

I'm getting more and more interested in the vita, i thought it was gonna be a bust like the psp, but I'm seriously considering it now.