The problem with AAA is that everybody “has their own idea of what that means” – Just Cause 2 dev

News: ex-Avalanche Studios developer Axel Lindburg has said that the definition of a AAA game is “highly subjective”, which leads to problems in differing aims and expectations during development.

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NukaCola2381d ago

I was under the impression, a AAA-title was one publishers put a large amount of money into. I didn't think it had anything to do with quality.

xYLeinen2380d ago

I've been always thinking of AAA having a high amount of production quality. But again, production quality are measured by standards and the overall quality of a product.

Pandamobile2380d ago

AAA is a budget range, so you're pretty much correct.

Homefront was a AAA game, but it wasn't that good.

mochachino2380d ago

AAA is requires high production quality (or polish) but also the gameplay must be at least very good imo.

Too Human wasn't AAA because despite the high production values, the gameplay was lacking.

Pandamobile2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Too Human was a AAA game. They spent massive amounts of money on it. Being a bad game doesn't change its production value.