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Kojima confused by The Last Of Us' secret punch lasers

"The most surprising thing at the Sony conference was The Last of Us", says Kojima, "I'm very interested in how the game was put together, like at what point do you get controlled by the AI, and when do you get control. The Last of Us is in a different direction to what I want to accomplish, but it was very impressive". (E3, PS3, The Last Of Us)

IRetrouk  +   1264d ago
Can not wait for this game, I think it's gonna be ps3s swan song b4 the inevitable ps4
bahabeast  +   1264d ago
while this game looks really really great i personally think the swan song will be SOUL SACRIFICE that game looks like nothing ive seen before, the ability to control a human and a spirit with tons of different powers i am really looking forward to.
PirateThom  +   1264d ago
Soul Sacrifice is a Vita game... unless you mean Beyond?
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bahabeast  +   1264d ago
yeah the quantic dreams game for ps3 got name mixed, its amazing
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andibandit  +   1264d ago
Beyond the Last of Us, will problably be the swan song
Gen0ne  +   1264d ago
I'm gonna say the Last Guardian will be the swan song. Its taking forever. Would not be surprised if they're timing it.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   1264d ago
I have nothing to comment, other than
so all people can shut the **** up.

I jsut can't wait to see all the possibilities, 'or fail and hit his hand against the wall, and go 'Ow!'. This only is worth an entire game and 10/10 for it alone.
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BitbyDeath  +   1264d ago
The AI is explained in this video here which they call 'systems' - they are not scripted events

(listen from 2:53)

sikbeta  +   1264d ago
This game... this game, so good, can't wait to f**ing play it!
zeeshan  +   1264d ago
If the mighty Kojima is impressed with this game then you can all imagine what ND accomplished here! :)

I want this game NOW!
Haha123  +   1264d ago
Wasn't his new engine multiplatform though?? I do recall him picking up a 360 controller in the demo

"Can not wait for this game, I think it's gonna be this generation's swan song b4 the inevitable next gen"

Thats more like it :)
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1264d ago
Yeah, Kojima's new engine is multiplatform, but the game he's praising is The Last Of Us, a first party PS3 title...

Am I getting mixed signals or are those two things completelly unrelated?
Nivalis  +   1264d ago
"picking up a 360 controller in the demo", people read in to this too much, most alpha gameplay is running on PC's, and the wireless 360 controller is about the best controller to use on a PC so it makes sense to do that.

I highly doubt backstage was a dev 360 running alpha code.
MiamiACR21  +   1264d ago
Well that swan better start singing, because when the PS4 releases I'll finally be joining back with the Playstation brand since the PS2. Played Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 and fell in love with what the companies exclusive developers can do.
first1NFANTRY  +   1264d ago
@ IRetrouk

"Can not wait for this game, I think it's gonna be ps3s swan song b4 the inevitable ps4"

Yeah sorta like when God Of War released at the end of the ps2 gen and still the hardware continued to whoa. The Last Of Us could be the GOD of this gen.
IRetrouk  +   1264d ago
Exactly what I ment, bubbles
k-dillinger  +   1264d ago
you need to stop talking about next gen this next gen that worry about the now and the games that's coming for it jeez y'all been talking about next gen since 2009 who cares if it doesn't have the games like we do now.. it wont be as big graphical leap as before worry about the now so why do y'all want new consoles so bad Wii u is a current gen not next gen so we do not need new consoles yet especially when ps3 has yet to be tapped out.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1264d ago
Normally I would agree with you... The devs have been talking about how limited consoles are since 2009 and people bited it as they just want their games to look the best and PC started to take more of a visible advantage...

With that said, visible and enough to need next gen are different things though. And not one single new engine had showed the kind of leap expected to justify new hardware.

BUT (and that's a capital but) the new Square Enix engine actually sports a real big step ahead, not just much better lighting or more polygons, it actually change the way many effects are emulated in games to actually make the stuff (like particles, smoke and debris not being just textures in those invisble polygons), hypothetically it actually make photorealistic graphics appliable to highly dinamic and natural scenes, not just artificial objects (like we see racing games claiming photorealistic all the time).

That said, I still agree with you partially. Let's worry about the next gen when it's here...
Angrymorgan  +   1264d ago
WTF is a swan song???
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1264d ago
Its a consoles final hoorah game, before a new console launches, but captures everything the console can do from graphics to gameplay.. and signifies the movement of attention to a brand new console

God of War 2 was the PS2's swan song
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was the Wii's swan song
Twilight Princess was the gamecubes

Kinect  +   1264d ago
A song sung by a swan O_O. On topic TLOU is gonna be freakin awesome, Naughty Dog doesn't know how to disappoint gamers :)
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drake masters  +   1264d ago
there will be a lots of sinning swans when i get done so don't you worry!! "adjusts shotgun"
mixelon  +   1264d ago
A commonly used phrase. The last performance of something.

Look it up?
insomnium2  +   1264d ago
The article was great! This game is as of this moment my most anticipated game. Luckily I have many many games to play in the meantime but this game will be a day 1 for sure.
DigitalAnalog  +   1264d ago
"For instance, maybe he'll throw a punch and succeed, and the guy hits the wall, or fail and hit his hand against the wall, and go 'Ow!'. We have this library of dozens and dozens of animations streaming off the disc at all times based on what's happening in the environment".

lzim  +   1264d ago
Which, having put it that way.. sucks because there's not enough system RAM to store those animations which will be most likely to occur in a given scene/encounter.

8 Gigs?!
grailly  +   1264d ago
DigitalAnalog  +   1264d ago
In other words, this game could not have been made. How exactly did you even come to that conclusion?
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lzim  +   1264d ago
I'm just confused as to Kojima's confusion about how the game's contextual action sequences (if realtime) works. But then the comment about streaming animations from the disk took my interest. (also.. sorry I'm not clear, I'm trying to slap out replies between calls while at work at a helpdesk).

1. The more animations, potentially the richer the experience (if not annoying because you aren't always guaranteed of a certain outcome for your actions) and obviously you'll get a curious developer asking how they managed such a thing on PS3 since he'd be considering similar techniques but might have passed on them or wondering how to apply them effectively in PS3's limited memory space.

2. I'm then wondering if you have more RAM what you could accomplish with this kind of thing. No matter what you do, if there's thousands of possible animations, small bark sound clips etc queued up in RAM the experience would always be dynamic.

Otherwise, devs like Kojima who do story powered games, again would wonder why you'd want that much possibility for deviation from what the player's expect or what he as a meticulous director expects from the on screen characters in a given scene. It might seem like the game arbitrarily slows your progress because your character isn't perfect and his actions aren't always scripted.


Why all the disagrees and calling people Trolls?!

Did any of you read the article and understand the technique they are using!

FFS this is how even the Sims 3 behavioral works! The question is the variety of contextual moves there are available to character based on the scenes/encounters when you do an action.
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lzim  +   1264d ago
Furthermore.. this technique (while not new) needs to be drilled into the heads of fighting game designers.. DOA for example.


I don't want to say it, but this level of ignorance and animosity is exemplary of console/PS gamers.

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yewles1  +   1264d ago
*sigh* The article JUST EXPLAINED it's done by spooling animations off the disc (since BD is big enough), a technique used to a lesser extent in Uncharted 3, (detailed by Digital Foundry) allowing a great work around to most bottlenecks normal develpers could get stuck with.
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Virtual_Reality  +   1264d ago
The only conclusion to what are you saying.

The amazing techniques of Software Engineering developed by Naughty Dog, they excel in this area.

^^ Yewles already said it.
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Ju  +   1264d ago
Memory is irrelevant. Quote: "animations streaming off the disc at all times". They virtualize the mem.
Super-Brad  +   1264d ago

When a game or any other type of software is being loaded, it doesn't load all of data, variables and content at once as this would be wasteful to the memory resources because it is not required at the same time.

The data on a disc or HDD on any platform is continuously being stream or discarded from the RAM. An example of this would be having you media player like iTunes or Winamp store every song you have into RAM at each start-up, which you don't need too, so instead you only load the one your playing.

So when he explains it is all on disc, he is simply referring to the library of animations they have created being stored on disc, this is nothing to do with memory at all.
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jerethdagryphon  +   1264d ago
its not that hard it can stream them fast enough the uc games have always used this its why the movments look smooth all this is doing is adding more contect based ones like in uc3 the bar fight and fish slapping,

if x+y are near b with input, run animations abc. thats more or less what its doing
Frankfurt  +   1264d ago
You mean like in every action game ever not named "Asura's Wrath"?


You kids are too used to Uncharted's scripted BS.
KwietStorm  +   1264d ago
lol did not read
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1264d ago
And you kids are too used to not reading and hating on a game for no reason, except the fact that you can not play it

Just another keyboard warrior fighting the battle against people who are genuinely excited for a game on lie at a time

Did you play the game to know that it is scripted? You did? Your here to tell us that our excitement for a game is a lie, and a genuinely good franchise sucks simply because you can not play it?

Oh wait? Your saying you played Uncharted? Hey, Im also a 5 foot 4 purple hippo who has had sexy times with all the ladies. I can be anything on the internet too.

Sorry, but your comment history shows your past with the PS3 and Im hard pressed to believe you own a console where quote on quote all the games suck.

If anything... Im more used to BS spewed out by people for no reason, just to tarnish a game they can not play, and insult it to make themselves feel better.

Jog off Fanboy
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Kinect  +   1264d ago
Assassin speaks the motherf*kn truth
GamingPerson  +   1264d ago
punch lasers?
Bathyj  +   1264d ago
GamingPerson confused by The Last Of Us' secret punch lasers
Kinect  +   1264d ago
r21  +   1264d ago
well, if you read the article, you would've understood what that punch lasers came from.
jerethdagryphon  +   1264d ago
all that means is the game scans the area around the fist for scenery to interact with and calculates a cinamatic moment from it your incontroll except why the animation runs same as in all games(-a few fighting games)

punch laser is a good term for the scanning routine as its focused rather then reading the entire room, it only has to handle a 1 cubic meter area ( the aproximate area a target+ joels arm can reach fill)
mixed with the angle of attack speed and stealth, it then loads appropriate animations which display seamlessly before moving on

the alliterative method is to have interacable items tagged and use canned animations , (halos melle attack) its always the same animation for each different gun

canned animations are quicker but less real.
r21  +   1264d ago
this is possibly the first ever game that makes me wanna say i have got to play this NOW >:I
there's so much new stuff in this game compared to all the other games i've played. making mistakes and hearing your character react instead of a funny animation error is pretty awesome :D
j-blaze  +   1264d ago
i just want Kojima to stop this nonsense about that game, too much credit for ND will drive their ego even higher. some things from that demo were scripted, and Kojima doesn't realize that...unbelievable!

edit: some sequences and AI at "some points" were scripted, but some stupid journalists and ND says the demo wasn't scripted AT ALL which is a big lie.... watch the demo again
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Bathyj  +   1264d ago
haha, you're hilarious. No wait, what's the word?

wishingW3L  +   1264d ago
read the article. Computer and Videogames played the demo too and nothing is scripted... You don't even have to fight the guys if you don't want to and the there are several ways to enter the buildings and stuff. They played the same demo that was shown in the conference but in a completely different way.
LightofDarkness  +   1264d ago
That's not what scripting means, that's non-linearity you're describing. Despite what ND said, of course there is scripting, it's just more dynamic than the usual scripting we see. Once that ground struggle initiated, that was a scripted event taking over. Thats a sequence that plays out as scripted, and may depend on whether or not Ellie is around to help. As Kojoma said, it's impressive to behold, but AI or scripting takes over at certain points. ND have always remarked at the difficulty of balancing scripting and canned animations vs. Player control.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1264d ago
***"Once that ground struggle initiated, that was a scripted event taking over."***

That is not an "event." That's just an action/animation. That's like saying the enemy shooting at you as soon as they see you is a scripted event.

I think what people are saying is scripted are the times where Joel would enter a room and out of know where from the corner an enemy would come swinging with a pipe. Yeah, that isn't scripted. That is what ND and Kojimia is trying to say.

You could have cleared that entire room/area stealthy so that means those instances where people would attempt to ambush Jole wouldn't happen if they weren't aware that Joel and Ellie were there, hence the advance AI. Not every single enemy is going to confront you (especially those that are unarmed) in TLoU. If you make your presence known they will position themselves to ambush you. So if you were to cause a ruckus and enter a room you should expect an enemy there waiting to ambush you. When the ambush occurs the "scripted" animation/action(such as the swinging of the pipe or the struggling over the possession of a shotgun), that you haters are trying to undermine, will occur, but the ambush itself is NOT scripted. The enemy(AI) put themselves in that position to ambush you in the first place.

I don't understand why people find that hard to comprehend.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1263d ago
spot on. one more small step from the fanboys and they'll be saying it's ALL scripted because Joel puts one foot in front of the other.
dafegamer  +   1264d ago
oh someone is mad here
DigitalRaptor  +   1264d ago | Well said
j-blaze... why doesn't this surprise me?

What is truly unbelievable is your hatred for Naughty Dog, so much so that you can't even give credit where credit is due. "Too much credit"??? This is arguably the most advanced AI system (including context sensitive animation/action) that has ever been implemented into a console game, perhaps even any game as far as my knowledge serves me. And you have the audacity to discredit Kojima even though he is one of your most worshiped game creators and is more clued in to game development than you ever will be. Even if he doesn't know what is scripted and what isn't, if takes nothing from his impression of the game. And it's not even scripted in the sense that you think it is. Actually read and comprehend the article and you'll understand what makes this game so impressive.

The Last of Us will be an exceptional game, an already potential game of the year candidate for 2013, and your jealousy and bitterness against Naughty Dog won't change that. Why is it you hate them again? Because you think they have an ego problem... Really sad.

What they are doing with this game is more impressive and has a lot more integrity to it than Resident Evil 6, which has fallen from its survival horror roots, to basically just an action game with horror elements. The latest gameplay demo proved that.

The Last of Us is more true to survival than Resi 6 is, and it must tear you up inside to know that it's made by Naughty Dog.

@ the edit you made

"but some stupid journalists and ND says the demo wasn't scripted AT ALL which is a big lie.... "

Are you making stuff up now? The game is scripted in the same way that a lot of games are. Final Fantasy has scripted events in its battle system. I remember journalists and ND saying that the way the game plays out is not scripted, but nothing about the sequences that occur due to your actions (such as the guy who's head get's smashed on the table). All games are scripted in some sense, so stop exaggerating and stop falsifying what people have said to make them look bad, because you are the only stupid looking one around here.
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A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1264d ago
I think some people are confusing 'scripted events' with 'contextual animation'
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1264d ago
J-blaze, not some journalists are saying its not- scripted


The only way you could claim the game is scripted is if you played it.... and Im guessing you didn't.

Seriously the old RE is dead, the one part I was looking forward to which was leons was all explosions and dual weilding and zombie helicopters

Just let your hate of ND go...your tarnishing a great game for no reason
jerethdagryphon  +   1264d ago
yes some things were scripted like the lines, but if you pay atentionand read posts other then flamebait ones you might learn how things can seem scripted but arnt,

by definition a script is a routine that runs the same every time.

the animations them selves are scripted they have to be however the blending of idividual animations is not ,

for an example of a scripted animation reload a gun in an fps the full action while standing still is the same everytime. even in uncharted that requires a single animation tree or heirarchy infolving the individual assests animation no blending needed reload a gun on the fly in uc and it changes subtly depending on how your moving and over what.

the demo is a scene it has x interactive object and y interacted mobs technically the number of different out comes is x*y give or take however because of the way theyve done it, that number becomes more of a set of permutations rather then a distinct integer.

given the following, one target one bottle on a table a book a gun with a single bullet a wall and a pillow in an empty room now many ways to kill the target can you see,

the system they have enables a best guess as you attack as to whats nearest and how it interacts

for your information the ways to kill in my little room is dependent upon the item interactions allowed if its one then its 7 2 becomes 49 and so on.
kevnb  +   1264d ago
i think people are confusing awesome and plentiful animations with ai for some reason.
wishingW3L  +   1264d ago
are you for real dude.... =0
lzim  +   1264d ago
The third alternative would be using something like Euphoria... (if by AI you mean scripted set of animations that are called and the player has no control until they are done)
GraveLord  +   1264d ago
Look, a troll! I bet this one doesn't own a PS3.
xursz  +   1264d ago

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dirthurts  +   1264d ago
It's pretty simple really.
You move around, and when you attack an enemy, it checks the local environment and chooses an animation based on what can/can't be used around you.
Movement is free, but once you push the attack button it runs through a preset animation, and you regain control.
From a developers standpoint, it's pretty simple. It's interactive scripts.
lzim  +   1264d ago
It's how Fable 2 was supposed to worked.
wicko  +   1264d ago
It's basically a contextual action (which many games have done, including Uncharted), but they aren't finishers since it looks like they don't always die when you perform one.

What will really make this feature stand out from the rest isn't so much the tech but the variety of contextual anims.
Ju  +   1264d ago
It's pretty much how any interaction works in any game. It's just it has never been implemented in that complexity.
takohma  +   1264d ago
Just finished reading the article and it has me even more excited. Gives me a reason to play through it again and again. Havnt done that since GoW3 and that is all scripted with the same thing lol.
reznik_zerosum  +   1264d ago
stop overhyping this crap
Y_5150  +   1264d ago
Sorry but it will not stop! THE LAST OF US!!!!
Bathyj  +   1264d ago
Stop under appreciating it.
onyoursistersback  +   1264d ago
lol......!!! my computer and cell phone need an app like that!!! "troll app"
Gorilla_Killa_X  +   1264d ago
If you don't believe this game looks impressive then you are either blind or dumb.
Hicken  +   1264d ago
People just can't help but hate, it seems. One of the greatest minds in the business is impressed and inspired, but the geniuses here at n4g are convinced it's all scripted crap.

Go figure.
HmongAmerican  +   1264d ago
and a few year later every developers will try to follow what ND did. Star Wars 1313 for example.
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baodeus  +   1264d ago

like what did Star Wars 1313 do that copy ND? Actually, what games have tried to copy or imitate UC gameplay, story, interaction, etc.....?

I know CoD:MW really change the FPS genra and even other genra especially in MP. Gears kinda introduce the horde modes. RE1/RE4 changes horror genra. God of War influence QTE events. I don't know what UC have brought to the table that changes TPS/TPS adventure games? Don't tell me set pieces?

I'm not gonna talk about TLOU because frankly, we have only seen a short demo.
#12.1.1 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(10) | Report
baodeus  +   1264d ago
That's what i though. You guys only talks but can't walk.

Oh and by the way, the crashing airplane part, which i think you were talking about when you said Star War 1313 copying UC3, dude.....here is something for you.
Advent Rising:

Mass Effect 2

does all games having airplane crash scene have to be copy from UC3? C'mon dude, if you play KOTOR 1, the first part is also about airship crashing,Advent Rising (see above video) from the 1st xbox, Mass Effect 2 (prolog) or even Ninja Blade also have airplane crashing section. These are similar to Star War 1313 E3 demo.

You guys should play more games sometimes, especially games on other consoles too, just so you know more of what you are talking about before making such claim, and from what, a demo?

So how about listing the thing that UC has influence other games eh? How about even PS 1st party games? Anything?
#12.1.2 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report
milohighclub  +   1263d ago
Baodeus you have no clue it's not just the plane scene it's the having the player climb up dynamic set pieces that uncharted started in among thieves and repeated in uc3. Watch tthe train scene and the plane scene watch the game mechanics then watch the climbing bit on the 1313 trailer.

Btw uncharted was out before mass effect 2 and the advent rising video had nothing do with the debate. All that showed was some walls ripping off before going into a cutscene. Actually I'm pretty sure in mass effect when the ships crashing its nothing like what's happening in uncharted. For a start if u want to compare plane crash scenes then I will say you are in control of drake at all times even when yourge in mid air.
So to conclude, non of the games are similar or are valid in your claim.
#12.1.3 (Edited 1263d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
milohighclub  +   1263d ago
And off the top of my head. Tomb raider, infamous 2, mass effect 3, max payne 3, 1313, assassins creed and the new splinter cell have all been heavily influenced by uncharted.

Some do it so blatantly cough* the desmond n Lucy convo whilst platforming at the start of brotherhood cough*
#12.1.4 (Edited 1263d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Gamer-Z  +   1264d ago
"the geniuses here at N4G"

Lol comment of the day x)
#12.2 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
smashcrashbash  +   1264d ago
So you can miss with a punch. So that means you can dodge punches or the enemy can dodge yours and hit something else instead. And I don't know what people are talking about. Many games have scripted attacks and actions. You think when you jumped over the car in Watch Dogs of course the action itself was scripted. Do you think you have full control over how far or fast you jump over the car? Or in Bayoneeta when she called the creatures to finish off the monsters?

I think when people are accusing it of being scripted I think they mean that events happen in only a linear way and everything goes only in a certain direction. But ND have said as many other people who previewed said as well that the scenes can play out differently depending on what you do.

If Joel had killed both guys with the Molotov the other guy with the shotgun would not have been there to impede them.And if Joel had not used up his bullets Ellie would not have had to intervene with the brick when the guy advanced because he knew Joel's gun was empty. You are confusing scripted actions with scripted events. A magic spell in FF is a scripted action. Joel grabbing the guy and pointing the gun at his head is a scripted action. The guy in Watch Dogs ripping the door open was a scripted action. Lara grabbing the parachute and flying to safety is a scripted EVENT.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1264d ago
"You are confusing scripted actions with scripted events. A magic spell in FF is a scripted action. Joel grabbing the guy and pointing the gun at his head is a scripted action. The guy in Watch Dogs ripping the door open was a scripted action. Lara grabbing the parachute and flying to safety is a scripted EVENT."

This ^

well said
GribbleGrunger  +   1263d ago
agreed. if Joel had no gun he would have simply held him in a choke hold. because he had the gun the AI decided to have him point the gun at the guys head. if he'd had a knife the AI would have probably decided to reach the knife around to the guys throat. scripting is a sequence of animations that play out with no alternative trees. AI is a system that decides which animation to use and how that tree evolves. this is also applied to the whole scene and the unfolding scenario
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Gamer_of_the_Year  +   1264d ago
DeletedAcc  +   1264d ago
Tlou is too good for u cause your name is gamer of the year ^^
#14.1 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ethereal  +   1264d ago
Regardless of player control with AI take over. This game looks to break boundaries. It's going to be amazing. Period.
DigitalAnalog  +   1264d ago | Well said
It's funny the moment TLOU was showcased suddenly the word "scripted" becomes a moniker that becomes an associating feature ironically on a game that utilizes it in the least possible manner.

Yet computer games are all BUILT around scripts, there is nothing truly dynamic and is only flexible to extension where the code lies. The term "non-scripted" obviously meant that within the code, there is no arbitrary defining value that determines whether or not a certain action is made. But instead we are forced to observe people with extreme tunnel vision to undermine a unique and advanced mechanic rarely used in gaming (much less to the degree of TLOU) just for the sake of attaching mediocrity on it.

What does it matter if TLOU does have the best utilization of the AI system, doesn't this entices other developers be more competitive in the future? Look at all the Uncharted "inspirations" that are appearing, where do you think that came from?

Obviously to doubters, SONY exclusives must be exempt to be the frontrunner or push any innovative console tech because only the likes of multiplats have that privilege regardless. Apparently, what SONY does is only a bunch of "smoke-n-mirrors" while others are "true gospel, the truth and the light" that must be yielded with unwavering faith.

Really, I have never seen a game to DATE with this much contention. I thought gamers was supposed to be the bunch that enjoys games and enjoy amazing tech regardless.
#16 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
insomnium2  +   1264d ago | Well said
This comment deserves a "well said"-bubble.

It's been like this with many many PS3 exclusives since beginning of this gen. Nitpick and nitpick some more. It's no wonder PS3 gamers concentrate on exclusives when they are this heavily spread FUD on.

Anyone who thinks PS3 gamers are the ones who start pissing you off by boasting about PS3's exclusive lineup just look at the hate a game like TLOU recieves. What is there left to do other than defend? Should we just watch people (and in many cases in the beginning of this gen) media talk BS about this game failing or something like that and do nothing?

I've said it sometime in the past but now with the recent turn of events I'll say it again: You x360 fans TRULY deserve Kinect. You deserve the way MS treats you. All you can do is try to bring every game down cause you are bitter about MS abandoning you. I can understand this.

You believed MS in 2005-2007 and you cannot allow yourself to admit that you were played. You made the wrong choise. It would be much easier if you just admitted this to yourself. MS played you and you had every reason to believe them so it's not really your fault.

There were so many of you hc-x360-gamers who were laughing at Sony back then so I know you are out there. You are hibernating since MS is not offering you hc-games like they used to. You were so powerfull and LOUD back then so I know you are out there.
#16.1 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Nodoze  +   1264d ago
While I agree with your sentiments, I would advise offering the olive branch.

I openly invite ANY hardcore 360 fan to the PS3. There are PLENTY of offerings for you. We have an amazing catalog that will cater to your tastes.

It is a win win situation. You will get the games and experiences you crave, and we will get a new believer.

kevnb  +   1264d ago
Naughty dog games always make me lose all my bubbles. I'm never as impressed as everyone else on here and I can't keep my mouth shout about why lol.
Hicken  +   1264d ago | Well said
The entire gaming industry is wowed by the games they put out, but you're not. People that make the games, people that fund the games, people that review the games, people that buy the games. But not you.

When we look at the track record of individuals who find themselves unimpressed with the obviously impressive, we tend to find things like console bias, or a desire to buck the trend and harshly rate popular things.

Trolls and fanboys.

That's who you align yourself with, when you claim something as ignorant(and really, it IS ignorance, if only of the willful variety) as The Last of Us not being impressive.

No matter what your preferred system, it's hard to genuinely be unimpressed by what Naughty Dog's doing with this game. Unless, of course, you're a troll or a fanboy, in which case it's not only possible, but your only course of action.

Your actions(or words, anyway) around here mark you, regardless. You're not impressed, but you feel the need to say so in every related thread you come across? Why go out of your way so many times?
CDzNutts  +   1264d ago
My friend....you just won the internet.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1264d ago
Sir you wouldn't know a good game if it had bit you in the ass.
goldwyncq  +   1264d ago
For the last friggin' time...........THE DEMO IS NOT SCRIPTED!!!

What would it take to convince you people, when Kojima himself declared it?
milohighclub  +   1263d ago
Lol imagine if it turned out to be scripted....I'd lol so hard.

Wish people would stop going on about it now. It's obvious it isn't yet people are still refusing to believe it??? Bet it's all smiles in the kennel.

Hope to god they release a demo.
Frodosmugins  +   1264d ago
Il be buying this game cos I enjoyed Uncharted from ND..
To me it just looks like Uncharted with a different story line and some gameplay mechanics changed.. .

But the Hype Monster for this game is to much.. .
I see why trolls are againts this cos its the only game websites are talking about!

Please people stop braging about this like its the best game ever wait untill you play it... You never know it might be a 6 hour game thats really easy to beat but awsome to play..
Nac  +   1264d ago
Contextual sensitivity =/= scripted moments. Honestly, contextual sensitivity is about as far as one can be from "scripted."

My, my, TLoU sounds as if it is almost creating a "digital performance" with Joel in terms of action, animation, and dialogue. These characters are ceasing to exist as 3D models cued up by code and instead are becoming almost digital actors in a sense, or rather yet actual characters.

Imagine the "Digital Performance" that TLoU brings to the table and include the dynamic camera work(and no health bar) of UC3. Wow, what would that even be like? The best of both worlds...
Oldman100  +   1264d ago
Those damn punch lasers...

Related image(s)
NBT91  +   1264d ago
cytricks  +   1264d ago
WAIT??? You are telling me the secret is RAYCASTING?? OMG the same technique used for aim assist, bullet collision, and generally finding where shit is in a scene is being used to find where shit is in a scene??? mind boggling!!

I hate to be a dick but this is not...well news.
strangea  +   1264d ago
What other games have used in it this manner though? It seems like they are doing something truly unique with it.
cytricks  +   1264d ago
i really dont see it, yes reacting and using the environment isnt used all that often but it is not extraordinary. raycasting is used so often in games, i do not see why this is headlining?
milohighclub  +   1263d ago
Albeit a much more advanced form of raycasting. If it confused kojima it's obviously gonna be more than just raycasting.
turgore  +   1264d ago
Currently, TLOU is my most anticipated game. Its gonna be like Uncharted but better.
#23 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   1264d ago
Its gonna be nothing like Uncharted, but better.
sriki007  +   1264d ago
horror genra most of the times goes wrong. Hope this has a nice balance between survival and action something which i only find in dead space :)
CDzNutts  +   1264d ago
Why are people so anxious for PS4?? The PS3 is churning out SOOO many good experiences. For me, my anticipated first and third party list of games I look fwd to:

The Last of Us
Beyond: Two Souls
God of War: Ascension
Sleeping Dogs
Hitman: Absolution
Watch Dogs
The Last Guardian

My MAYBE list (maybe because these companies have a habit of f*cking up, or im not sold yet):

Resident Evil 6
Final Fantasy vs XIII
Dead or Alive 5
Injustice: Gods Among Us

That's 11 games off the bat right there. And considering I have a life, and don't sit and play games 10hours a day straight...that's at least a couple of more years of gaming for me.

Why the rush?? ENJOY what's coming!!!
TheRealist  +   1264d ago
consoles are struggling when these games are made.. If u see a PC in action,u too will be ready for nx gen.. Plus when nx gen hits, some of these games will be for it too.. Theres always overlapping titles on both new & old at launch time
CDzNutts  +   1264d ago
Consoles are struggling when these games are made? WHAT??

So God for bid there is a hitch, one frame rate hiccup or one pop-up, my experience should totally be exchanged for $500 of new hardware?

I hope that's your definition of a "struggle" cuz that's all I'm seeing. And if so....have fun with that new hardware, buddy.
#25.1.1 (Edited 1264d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
TheRealist  +   1264d ago
no need to get snooty guy.. They will still make games for current gen for at least 2 years while the new ones take flight.. Or u can get a wii u.. The world isnt going to wait cuz u think think tech is ok the way it is.. Sony, Microsoft, Developers, & a HUGE amount of gamers are ready for upgraded tech.. Devs are already showing off new engines for machines that arent even out yet..
TheRealist  +   1264d ago
I like what Ellie looks like in the pic..
strangea  +   1264d ago
I don't understand why anyone would hate on this game. It's improving on a genre that rarely gets love. What really bothers me is the people complaining about the animations being scripted or uninteractive? Why does it matter? I'd much rather watch an intense and beautiful animation than simply whack a guy in the back of the neck. Watching Joel bash that dudes face into the dresser was insane. Learning that that's not the only thing that can happen in that situation just makes it MORE exciting!
Garrison  +   1264d ago
Kojima: Im confused about the game, when does the player or the computer take over? I would of just let the player throw 2 punches and then force him to see another one of my 30 minute confusing as hell atempts at movie making!! Ohh the Greatness!!!
IHateYouFanboys   1264d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
thedizzle23  +   1263d ago
ps3 exclusives are really starting to make headway in terms of quality and development charisma in comparison to the other two in the big three. games such as last of us, Beyond, God of War 4, Sly Cooper, Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted are really beginning to make Sony look like they simply own their competition. Good job, Sony youn guys definitely rocked e3 and had people around the world smh.!!!

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