Kojima confused by The Last Of Us' secret punch lasers

"The most surprising thing at the Sony conference was The Last of Us", says Kojima, "I'm very interested in how the game was put together, like at what point do you get controlled by the AI, and when do you get control. The Last of Us is in a different direction to what I want to accomplish, but it was very impressive".

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IRetrouk2353d ago

Can not wait for this game, I think it's gonna be ps3s swan song b4 the inevitable ps4

bahabeast2353d ago

while this game looks really really great i personally think the swan song will be SOUL SACRIFICE that game looks like nothing ive seen before, the ability to control a human and a spirit with tons of different powers i am really looking forward to.

PirateThom2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Soul Sacrifice is a Vita game... unless you mean Beyond?

bahabeast2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

yeah the quantic dreams game for ps3 got name mixed, its amazing

andibandit2353d ago

Beyond the Last of Us, will problably be the swan song

Gen0ne2353d ago

I'm gonna say the Last Guardian will be the swan song. Its taking forever. Would not be surprised if they're timing it.

PLASTICA-MAN2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

I have nothing to comment, other than
so all people can shut the **** up.

I jsut can't wait to see all the possibilities, 'or fail and hit his hand against the wall, and go 'Ow!'. This only is worth an entire game and 10/10 for it alone.

BitbyDeath2353d ago

The AI is explained in this video here which they call 'systems' - they are not scripted events

(listen from 2:53)

sikbeta2352d ago

This game... this game, so good, can't wait to f**ing play it!

zeeshan2352d ago

If the mighty Kojima is impressed with this game then you can all imagine what ND accomplished here! :)

I want this game NOW!

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Haha1232353d ago

Wasn't his new engine multiplatform though?? I do recall him picking up a 360 controller in the demo

"Can not wait for this game, I think it's gonna be this generation's swan song b4 the inevitable next gen"

Thats more like it :)


Yeah, Kojima's new engine is multiplatform, but the game he's praising is The Last Of Us, a first party PS3 title...

Am I getting mixed signals or are those two things completelly unrelated?

Nivalis2352d ago

"picking up a 360 controller in the demo", people read in to this too much, most alpha gameplay is running on PC's, and the wireless 360 controller is about the best controller to use on a PC so it makes sense to do that.

I highly doubt backstage was a dev 360 running alpha code.

MiamiACR212353d ago

Well that swan better start singing, because when the PS4 releases I'll finally be joining back with the Playstation brand since the PS2. Played Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 and fell in love with what the companies exclusive developers can do.

first1NFANTRY2353d ago

@ IRetrouk

"Can not wait for this game, I think it's gonna be ps3s swan song b4 the inevitable ps4"

Yeah sorta like when God Of War released at the end of the ps2 gen and still the hardware continued to whoa. The Last Of Us could be the GOD of this gen.

IRetrouk2353d ago

Exactly what I ment, bubbles

k-dillinger2353d ago

you need to stop talking about next gen this next gen that worry about the now and the games that's coming for it jeez y'all been talking about next gen since 2009 who cares if it doesn't have the games like we do now.. it wont be as big graphical leap as before worry about the now so why do y'all want new consoles so bad Wii u is a current gen not next gen so we do not need new consoles yet especially when ps3 has yet to be tapped out.


Normally I would agree with you... The devs have been talking about how limited consoles are since 2009 and people bited it as they just want their games to look the best and PC started to take more of a visible advantage...

With that said, visible and enough to need next gen are different things though. And not one single new engine had showed the kind of leap expected to justify new hardware.

BUT (and that's a capital but) the new Square Enix engine actually sports a real big step ahead, not just much better lighting or more polygons, it actually change the way many effects are emulated in games to actually make the stuff (like particles, smoke and debris not being just textures in those invisble polygons), hypothetically it actually make photorealistic graphics appliable to highly dinamic and natural scenes, not just artificial objects (like we see racing games claiming photorealistic all the time).

That said, I still agree with you partially. Let's worry about the next gen when it's here...

Nimblest-Assassin2353d ago

Its a consoles final hoorah game, before a new console launches, but captures everything the console can do from graphics to gameplay.. and signifies the movement of attention to a brand new console

God of War 2 was the PS2's swan song
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was the Wii's swan song
Twilight Princess was the gamecubes


Kinect2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

A song sung by a swan O_O. On topic TLOU is gonna be freakin awesome, Naughty Dog doesn't know how to disappoint gamers :)

drake masters2353d ago

there will be a lots of sinning swans when i get done so don't you worry!! "adjusts shotgun"

mixelon2352d ago

A commonly used phrase. The last performance of something.

Look it up?

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insomnium22353d ago

The article was great! This game is as of this moment my most anticipated game. Luckily I have many many games to play in the meantime but this game will be a day 1 for sure.

DigitalAnalog2353d ago

"For instance, maybe he'll throw a punch and succeed, and the guy hits the wall, or fail and hit his hand against the wall, and go 'Ow!'. We have this library of dozens and dozens of animations streaming off the disc at all times based on what's happening in the environment".


lzim2353d ago

Which, having put it that way.. sucks because there's not enough system RAM to store those animations which will be most likely to occur in a given scene/encounter.

8 Gigs?!

DigitalAnalog2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

In other words, this game could not have been made. How exactly did you even come to that conclusion?

lzim2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

I'm just confused as to Kojima's confusion about how the game's contextual action sequences (if realtime) works. But then the comment about streaming animations from the disk took my interest. (also.. sorry I'm not clear, I'm trying to slap out replies between calls while at work at a helpdesk).

1. The more animations, potentially the richer the experience (if not annoying because you aren't always guaranteed of a certain outcome for your actions) and obviously you'll get a curious developer asking how they managed such a thing on PS3 since he'd be considering similar techniques but might have passed on them or wondering how to apply them effectively in PS3's limited memory space.

2. I'm then wondering if you have more RAM what you could accomplish with this kind of thing. No matter what you do, if there's thousands of possible animations, small bark sound clips etc queued up in RAM the experience would always be dynamic.

Otherwise, devs like Kojima who do story powered games, again would wonder why you'd want that much possibility for deviation from what the player's expect or what he as a meticulous director expects from the on screen characters in a given scene. It might seem like the game arbitrarily slows your progress because your character isn't perfect and his actions aren't always scripted.


Why all the disagrees and calling people Trolls?!

Did any of you read the article and understand the technique they are using!

FFS this is how even the Sims 3 behavioral works! The question is the variety of contextual moves there are available to character based on the scenes/encounters when you do an action.

lzim2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Furthermore.. this technique (while not new) needs to be drilled into the heads of fighting game designers.. DOA for example.


I don't want to say it, but this level of ignorance and animosity is exemplary of console/PS gamers.

yewles12353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

*sigh* The article JUST EXPLAINED it's done by spooling animations off the disc (since BD is big enough), a technique used to a lesser extent in Uncharted 3, (detailed by Digital Foundry) allowing a great work around to most bottlenecks normal develpers could get stuck with.

Virtual_Reality2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

The only conclusion to what are you saying.

The amazing techniques of Software Engineering developed by Naughty Dog, they excel in this area.

^^ Yewles already said it.

Ju2353d ago

Memory is irrelevant. Quote: "animations streaming off the disc at all times". They virtualize the mem.

Super-Brad2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )


When a game or any other type of software is being loaded, it doesn't load all of data, variables and content at once as this would be wasteful to the memory resources because it is not required at the same time.

The data on a disc or HDD on any platform is continuously being stream or discarded from the RAM. An example of this would be having you media player like iTunes or Winamp store every song you have into RAM at each start-up, which you don't need too, so instead you only load the one your playing.

So when he explains it is all on disc, he is simply referring to the library of animations they have created being stored on disc, this is nothing to do with memory at all.

jerethdagryphon2353d ago

its not that hard it can stream them fast enough the uc games have always used this its why the movments look smooth all this is doing is adding more contect based ones like in uc3 the bar fight and fish slapping,

if x+y are near b with input, run animations abc. thats more or less what its doing

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Frankfurt2353d ago

You mean like in every action game ever not named "Asura's Wrath"?


You kids are too used to Uncharted's scripted BS.

Nimblest-Assassin2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

And you kids are too used to not reading and hating on a game for no reason, except the fact that you can not play it

Just another keyboard warrior fighting the battle against people who are genuinely excited for a game on lie at a time

Did you play the game to know that it is scripted? You did? Your here to tell us that our excitement for a game is a lie, and a genuinely good franchise sucks simply because you can not play it?

Oh wait? Your saying you played Uncharted? Hey, Im also a 5 foot 4 purple hippo who has had sexy times with all the ladies. I can be anything on the internet too.

Sorry, but your comment history shows your past with the PS3 and Im hard pressed to believe you own a console where quote on quote all the games suck.

If anything... Im more used to BS spewed out by people for no reason, just to tarnish a game they can not play, and insult it to make themselves feel better.

Jog off Fanboy

Kinect2353d ago

Assassin speaks the motherf*kn truth

Bathyj2353d ago

GamingPerson confused by The Last Of Us' secret punch lasers

r212353d ago

well, if you read the article, you would've understood what that punch lasers came from.

jerethdagryphon2353d ago

all that means is the game scans the area around the fist for scenery to interact with and calculates a cinamatic moment from it your incontroll except why the animation runs same as in all games(-a few fighting games)

punch laser is a good term for the scanning routine as its focused rather then reading the entire room, it only has to handle a 1 cubic meter area ( the aproximate area a target+ joels arm can reach fill)
mixed with the angle of attack speed and stealth, it then loads appropriate animations which display seamlessly before moving on

the alliterative method is to have interacable items tagged and use canned animations , (halos melle attack) its always the same animation for each different gun

canned animations are quicker but less real.

r212353d ago

this is possibly the first ever game that makes me wanna say i have got to play this NOW >:I
there's so much new stuff in this game compared to all the other games i've played. making mistakes and hearing your character react instead of a funny animation error is pretty awesome :D