E3 2012 - Change is in the air

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is considered to be the Super Bowl of the video game industry. While gaming is big business, it's a business that is down 27 percent compared to last year according to market research groups like NPD. If what video gaming's big three (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) decided to focus upon during parts of each's respective E3 press briefing is at all telling, it shows that the industry is willing to make changes in order to keep its numbers up.

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Tuxmask552351d ago

I like what the South Park guy says about smart glass.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2351d ago

The thing that most people keep forgetting is that Nintendo plans on expanding MiiVerse and their games on to mobile devices, PCs, and Tablets as well. So, if Smart Glass and Playstation Suite/Mobile is an answer for WiiU then Nintendo is 1-UP*MIDI CHIME*.

BattleAxe2351d ago

What? Does not compute..

SleazyChimp2351d ago

Meh, these supposed analyst keep blaming smart phones and tablets cheap games as the reason sales are down 27 percent.
Yet they ignore the blaring reality that these consoles have been around far longer than ever before. Market saturation plays a bigger role than angry birds! Its gonna be hard to sell a Xbox or PS3 when everybody already has one. Gamers just want to game. All this entertainment hub and tablet integration garbage is to get people that don't play a lot of games to buy a console. Broadening your market is fine, but these companies had best keep one thing in mind. Those people are not the ones in which the gaming industry has made billions off of over the last 30yrs. Its time the big 3 paid some lip service to their base.