Did Nintendo Really Fail At E3 ?

What’s up everybody, this is Tyuno The Great. June 5, 2012 was Day 2 of E3 2012. Microsoft and Sony have already presented their press conferences, now all eyes were on Nintendo. This E3 was very big for Nintendo because it was the year that they would show more detail on their new console, the Nintendo Wii U. Everyone, include myself, waited with excitement to hear what Reggie Fils-Aime will unveil at their presentation. So the question was, What does Nintendo have in store for E3 2012?

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WagFanger2299d ago

Yeah, it did.

Sure, their console looked impressive, but only compared to the current gen consoles.

Then the games they showed were all sequels to old franchises or ports from current consoles.

Whether or not the Wii U is a success or not in the future, their E3 conference failed.

Venox20082299d ago

Emmm... those look old IPS's or ports?

Lego City Stories
Project P-100
Nintendo Land
Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game
Tank! Tank! Tank!
Injustice: Gods Among Us

and I wouldn't call Ninja gaiden 3: razor edge a port, maybe an enhanced version, which was developed at NG3 development time..

I would say, they weren't so bad as you would say

Grap2299d ago

wow i loved all that games. /s

Blackdeath_6632299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

those games mentioned are mediocre at best. not E3 worthy in my honest opinion.

live2play2299d ago

''only compared to current gen consoles''
yes wiiu's LAUNCH TITLES look as good as ps3 xbox games that developers had 6-7 YEARS TO LEARN FROM

if u really want to compare


360ICE2299d ago

I think it's most fair to compare the difference between PS3/360 early displayed titles and PS2/XBOX's best looking titles to the difference between Wii U's early displayed titles and 360/PS3 best looking titles. Didn't games like Motorstorm, Gears of War and GT HD Concept blow away God of War 2 a lot more than, say, ZombiU blows away Uncharted 3?

I guess games take smaller technical leaps the further they get, but there's not really anything on WiiU that outdates the current gen in terms of graphics.

-Superman-2299d ago

They did fail

First of all, they dident show any new great games...
Nintendo land? Really?
Games they shower were all mini games.

Only ZombiU looked awesome.

They had 1.5h time, and they wasted it... Wii U comes out this year and they showed almost no new games. They showed mini gmaes...

ronin4life2299d ago

their conf. was 1 hour.
Their e3 had good content. They didn't fail there. They failed to live up to the potential they had built up for themselves. They failed to take advantage of the upper hand they were given.

They fell short. WAY short. Compared to what it SHOULD have been, they failed. But taken in on its own merit, their e3 wasn't a total failure. It just wasn't all that great.

live2play2299d ago

they failed to hype at their E3 CONFERENCE
but did not fail to impress on the e3 show floor
seriously look at previews and hands on reviews
95% are saying the games look great and are fun (YES INCLUDING NINTENDOLAND)

(nintendoland was prestented VERY POORLY but nearly every hands on preview indicates a fun time)

Moncole2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Nintendo did really well. People were just disappointed because they didnt see a game they wanted.

SHowing a a new system
Zombi U
Pikmin 3
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Lego City Stories
New Super Mario Bros U

you can get a Wii U at launch with 5 new games not on the other consoles.

flightdown2299d ago

I honestly don't see how the Wii U is going to compete in the next cycle.

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