E3 2012: Darksiders II Is Very Similar to Darksiders…Which Isn’t a Bad Thing | RipTen

Many have criticized the Darksiders franchise for aping from other famous franchises, most notably God of War and The Legend of Zelda. But the apocalyptic series mimics Kratos’ combat and Link’s exploration so well in an interesting package that continues to impress in Darksiders II.

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PaladinXII2230d ago

Having had the chance to play this, too. I'm very excited.

volcane2229d ago

Got Darksiders on PS+, and I have been playing it today. Has been pretty good so far.

blue7_72229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I never understood why people always say that like it's a bad thing when a sequel is similar to it's predecessor. Of course it's similar to darksiders 1 it's obviously a sequel. If it was different it would be a new IP.

It's like people who complain about Halo or COD being more of the same people love what it is so they want more of the exact same thing with a few new things.

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