Best Buy breaks Gravity Rush Release Date

Best Buy is selling copies of Gravity Rush three days before the official launch.

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chrispen92379d ago

I bought the game a week early at EB Games Canada.

Nimblest-Assassin2378d ago

Son of a bitch, they are selling it here already?

I should go pick up a copy

chrispen92378d ago

You should! I just posted a review of the game. Check it out!

PrisonedBeast2379d ago

Yeah I am seeing more people breaking the release date

guitarded772378d ago

I think it's awesome, but the publishers/developers may not like it too much.

dafegamer2378d ago

Can't wait for this Game

GuruStarr782378d ago

ONE Best Buy breaks street date and this is news?

knifefight2378d ago

Even less has qualified for news here. This is N4G dude.

MySwordIsHeavenly2378d ago

I don't even understand HOW they can break release date. There is a hold on games, movies, etc. IN the system that won't let an employee sell them to customers until the date they are released. They are doing this, knowing that they are breaking the release date. A manager has to give them the go-ahead on this, as well. Any employee found doing this is fired immediately.

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