Kotaku: The New Gears of War Campaign Gets Harder As You Get Better

Kotaku writes: Last night, I had a chance to play OverRun mode, the great-looking new versus multiplayer in Gears of War: Judgment. Today, I sat down with Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and People Can Fly's Adrian Chmielarz to hear the first details about its single-player campaign.

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kingjoker342375d ago

Well that's usually the case right?
As you progress in the game which inevitably you get better the difficulty rises in new challenges.

joab7772375d ago

I played resistance 2 awhile ago and it had this brilliant co op in which u had a team of 8 with 4 classes and each time u played u had different objectives, different enemies and they appeared in different areas. It was finite but refreshing and replay was very high. No one else has borrowed from this at all.

Until now. How great would it be to play a campaign in the vein of Diablo. CoD, Gears, & all others could up the ante if u had a leveling system and each time u played, it got harder and harder and u were rewarded. This would be an awesome zombie campaign idea for BO2. Gears could implement horde into the campaign. Anyway, the idea of having in game challenges that appear with different enemies in different locations will be a huge step forward in campaign evolution. Start players on normal and make them go through 3 or 4 difficulties. Make them unlock points to open new difficulty modes. REWARD players with better gear and loot. And create 1 extra level for each difficulty...maybe 6 hours on normal, 10 hours of campaign on hardest diff.

There's so many avenues that can be done to move campaigns forward. Last, I was thinking for dead space 3 campaign (off topic kinda). When u play co op, at the end u find out ur partner isn't real because u are going crazy and u have to fight each other to fix his mind. And it has different endings for each. I just thought that would b a great campaign twist.

Mikefizzled2375d ago

I have a feeling this will be genuinely fantastic especially if there is some of PCF flair in the game.