THQ Confirms No PS Vita WWE '13

THQ has confirmed once again there will be no PS Vita version of WWE '13 released. The publisher was thinking about it and one stage, but it looks the decision is now final.

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Godchild10202262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

It's okay, I was thinking about buying the game. But I have made the decision to not purchase the game at launch.

I don't think I ever want to purchase an annual sports or wrestling game for 60 dollars. Not when it releases so close to the holidays and I can get it on sale.

DwightOwen2261d ago

Since when do Vita games cost $60?

Godchild10202261d ago

I'm talking about the PS3 version and 360 version not the PSV version. I'm willing to buy WWE 13 for the Vita for 40 day one like I have with WWE 12 during the holiday for the PS3 & 360 version last year.

jamesensor2262d ago

What a weird path the vita is going. First, sales aren't going well for the handheld, even without piracy (imagine that!) and now no wrestling? I hope they come up with something in this genre because it's great to play on the go.
I don't have a vita but I've been watching its progress and seems a bit boring, even with what e3 announced.. I also hope some dev can do a better job than THQ with this genre.

Soldierone2262d ago

The Vita is missing a yearly sports game that I really don't care about.....what will I ever do? Probably go play Assassins Creed, but thats just me.

Brawler2262d ago

You may not have cared but other people do, a wrestling game is perfect for on the go since you can play a match or two while your out, unlike Assassins Creed where you feel you need to put some serious time into.

MySwordIsHeavenly2262d ago

The thing that people fail to realize about the Vita is that you can just hit the power button and it goes to sleep mode. Hit it again...and you are EXACTLY where you left off. It doesn't even drain the power. It can lay dormant like that for weeks without dying. It's fantastic! I do it with every game. I don't have to pause it. I don't have to do anything but hit that power button. As soon as it turns back on, I game for a little bit. Then, I hit the button again. It's pretty simple, really...

Soldierone2262d ago

So? The Vita isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This game was obviously already in development, if it does come to Vita the fans would want an actually good game. If Vita does well, it will come.

Just because a sports title isn't hitting it this year doesn't mean the Vita is doomed.....people need to remember its still its first year.

BattleAxe2262d ago

THQ is going out of style and out of business fast. The new president of the company was heard saying that he is embarrassed by Saint's row 3 which is one the only games that has kept them alive. THQ is sinking like a rock.

As far as wrestling goes, it hasn't been good for at least the last 6 or 7 years. The talent that they have now is pathetic. A WWE game once every 2 or 3 years would be good enough as far as I'm concerned.

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DeadlyFire2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Well THQ is strapped for cash so I am almost doubtful they will put out a next gen version of WWE game at all this year or next year, but we will see. WWE might start thinking about relocating the license. Say EA or Activision pick up the WWE license. Then the other one sees it and grabs the TNA license. That is what I want to see happen. Although I wouldn't rule out 2k Games having interest in the licenses.

I don't believe WWE 13 is heading to WiiU either this year.

uncharted562262d ago

This is possibly their last wrestling game since many of the staff within THQ and Yukes themselves believe that the company's going under and this is their last wrestling game.

chazjamie2262d ago

sorry uncharted, as much as i wish this game would come to an end. It never will. Its like fifa, it never ends

jamesensor2261d ago

Precisely why I said I'd hope some other devs could do a better job after THQ, because they're sinking. Also, because every year they do exactly the same game with minor changes... they had the monopoly of it, now let someone else play the ball (I loved so much the 16-bit wrestling interface, aww..) or better if TNA throws something in the market too ^^

MASTER_RAIDEN2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

weird path? LOL the reason why theres no WWF 13 for vita is because the franchises sales have had a steady decline for years now, not because theres anything wrong with the vita. THQ is a hair away from shutting down completely.

Vitas doing just fine aside from a struggle with pricing, and good ol' WWF coming or not coming has minimal effect regardless.

jamesensor2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Just saying that these haven't the golden ages of gaming... if you know what I mean.. there's not the madness now that there was back some years ago with the nintendo handhelds or the first psp. Perhaps because of world crisis and stuff (?). But don't try to say everything is fine because I don't believe you... sure, vita is impressive but sales haven't been doing AWESOME. Perhaps that's why nintendo is on idle mode? No wii u just around the corner? Hmm...

jjdoyle2262d ago

sux. a portable hd version woulda been nice.

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