Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls is one of the best games of E3 | venturebeat

venturebeat: Sony unveiled the game at its E3 press conference on Monday, but it also showed an extended demonstration behind closed doors. We got a preview, narrated by game writer and director David Cage, and here are our impressions.

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saulx602145d ago

Misleading title please remove the word "one" off the title.

kent800820072144d ago

Two Souls is of the best games of E3?

WagFanger2145d ago

It was very good, that's for sure. Can't wait to see more

black9112144d ago

Just about Every game shown at Sony's Press Conference is gonna be a day 1 purchase. I'll let you all guess which "WON" is not.

NAGNEWS2144d ago


btw RAIDERS sucks

black9112144d ago

You guys Are cheaters. Tuck Rule.

fei-hung2144d ago

Ahaaa but the game in question, is it a game or something else?! I would say its more of an interactive book than a game.

DigitalAnalog2144d ago

He already said it would be an interactive entertainment type and does not follow the standard "gameplay" methodology.

corrus2144d ago

The Last Of Us
Beyond Two Souls

showtimefolks2144d ago

sony is the only company that takes any kind of risks when it comes to games. Stuff like sly,jak and dexter or ratchet MS wouldn't even touch thse games because they won't set sales record

than you have ico/sotc and last guardian along with heavy rain and now beyond

last of us a new IP this deep into next gen along with infamous,uncharted etc,,, all new Ip's for this gen

can't wait for what sony will show at TGS because i believe we will see a lot more whether for ps3 or ps4 that's to be seen

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