'Beyond: Two Souls' impresses with its blend of narrative and technology | theverge

It's not until Jodie Holmes, Beyond: Two Souls' protagonist, climbs atop a train that the complexity of her world becomes clear. The rain pours, and the fidelity of each individual drops causes mini-explosions in the environment. The whipping wind blows loose clothing and unkempt hair and knocks characters off balance. The music builds to a crescendo as Jodie fights for her freedom, leaping from the train as she's enveloped in an energy shield.

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cedaridge2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

This game will PROVE that the ps3 is still a BEAST. I LOVE Heavy Rain and i cannot wait for this one. David Cage " U are the Man my friend and i will take Pride in giving U my $59.99". psn; cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder