1UP's Best of E3 2012

1UP: writes: This year's E3 has come to an end, though we still have plenty to say about the games we've seen over the past week -- both good and bad. For the moment, though, let's celebrate the good. We've singled out more than 30 different games across 10 categories as the best of the show, after which we voted for the final picks over the course of several lengthy sessions (which we've recorded for posterity in the form of our latest Games, Dammit! episode). The titles below therefore represent some of the finest games of the coming year.

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Skateboard2109d ago

Last Of Us was so sick. That game wasn't on my radar at all and I have no Uncharted games in my collection. I WANT THAT GAME THE MOST!!!!

Nimblest-Assassin2109d ago

You guys realize they gave game of the show to soundshapes, a vita game... right

Looking forward to it though... the game looks very unique

DeFFeR2108d ago

May I ask why you have no Uncharted? The games are freaking FANTASTIC.

Skateboard2108d ago

I really have no excuse, LOL. I'm gonna start with Uncharted 3.

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j-blaze2109d ago

to me:
MGR: Revengeance
Watch Dogs
and some lovely Nintendo games for Wii U like the new Mario and Pikmin were the best of E3

DeFFeR2108d ago

"new" Mario isn't exactly what we wanted to see. We wanted to see something that wasn't exactly what we expected.

NSMBU isn't going to be a bad game, for sure, but really - does it go above and beyond the Wii version? Graphically, yes, but other than that? No.

That's sad - your premier franchise for the entire platform, and you do a "pretty" rehash of a different game as your "must have" launch title?


Ravenor2108d ago

The same could be said about a lot of things on display at MS and Sony. I don't think we should act indifferent towards NSMB2 because of how similar it looks to the first. Act indifferent because of the things that Ubisoft has been able to do with Rayman between Origins and Legends.

Pikmin DOES look pretty cool though.

Canary2109d ago

I can't say I was too terribly interested in too many of the games on display. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by Larian's new RPG (Divinity: Original Sin). They've got a solid track record, and their new (isometric!) RPG looks to have a TON of complexity.

The big titles I was anticipating really weren't on show at all--BGEE, Persona, Versus XIII, etc.--so what really impressed me the most ended up being smaller items.

For example, that 3DS Final Fantasy Rhythym game? Wasn't interested in it at all--and after watching some of the E3 stuff, it's now my single most anticipated 3DS game. Then there was Project Diva F, even if it was kind of an asinine tease.

LiViNgLeGaCY2109d ago

Ok, I gotta say I've never heard of this Divinity: Original Sin game before you mentioned it. I then looked it up on youtube and holy crap! It looks soooooo good! Almost like a dungeon crawler/sandbox hybrid!

This game is definitely on my radar now! Thanks! :D

Jazz41082108d ago

I played divinity on the xbox as its a console exclusive as well as the expanson. The new one I don't know if any consoles have been announced but the pc will still be the better experience