A Nintendo Fanboy's reaction to Nintendo's WiiU E3 Press Conference

Gamefreaks 365 writer, VladN, gives his own interesting look at Nintendo's (now infamous) E3 2012 WiiU showcase, and ultimately discusses how this product unveiling's strategy is different than what we (as E3 watchers) have come to expect.

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Y_51502377d ago

I think people got all bent out of shape from hype. Really I never expected them to blow us away from what I saw months before E3. Nintendo has said before E3 that they weren't going to talk price or release date for WiiU. Now the games they shown wasn't bad really, I'm pretty sure Nintendo as of right now are working on a new Metroid, Star Fox, Smash Bros, and a new 3D Mario games as I am typing this so patience everyone. Nintendo's conference was "infamous"? No they had really bad shows in the past and I am probably one of the few that actually liked what they offered overall.

dark-hollow2376d ago

no i wasnt impressed at all, and its not because i was over-hyped before the show.

their conference both failed at showing promising third party support and first party games.

look at 3DS reveal, we were bombarded with new games trailers and announcments for the handheld, sure not all the games they announced were coming at launch, but it build the hype for me in i was really excited to get the 3DS even though it lackluster launch.

in this press, we got new super mario bros, pikmin 3 and zombie U, THATS IT! the rest are ports of older games!

live2play2376d ago

and e3 overall imcludes
rayman legends, lego city, p-100

im a nintendo fanboy
only own a wii and 3ds plan on getting wiiu day 1

the conference was HORRIBLE i knew not to expect big news IT US LAUNCH AFTER ALL
but the way it was presented was BORING

but that doesnt mean the games will be bad

even nintendoland has been getting positive hands on previews

TheRealist2376d ago

Nintendo games will come & will look beautiful.. But are u going to buy 1 & wait it out? giving them your money again in good faith? Wii has an extensive library of quality 1st party games & this will be no different.. Wii U was supposed to be different & reclaim the kingdom of ALL audiences.. With games like these to make a quick buck off ppl is just insulting.. If ppl keep supporting these screw ups, companies wont learn to start changing things around & putting full effort into their products..

WagFanger2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

FINALLY, a Nintendo fan who can actually acknowledge there were failures in their E3 conference.

Some of the blind Nintendo fantards that comment their drivel around this site are ridiculous.

dangert122376d ago

I wouldn't say nintendo failed they have a winning formula and have stuck to it...tho Im not sure the casuals will see the point in buying it to play fitness games and gimmick games if they already have a wii lol

Instigator2376d ago

Are you serious? All regulars in Nintendo stories on this site, myself included, has said that the conference was downright disappointing. It killed a lot of the anticipation I had for the console.

ronin4life2376d ago

I was extremely disappointed, and have expressed it constantly. Several others like me have done the same.
Where have you been?

WagFanger2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Well, if you're really asking, look at my join date.

Maybe not you two then - or any other level headed fans - but some of the people I have seen on here are ridiculous

live2play2376d ago

im the biggest ninty fanboy
(seriously you should see my room)
i only own a wii and 3ds

and that conference was HORRIBLE

for the simple fact nintendo had it in the nag going in and botched it completely
didnt hype up the wii u

but if you read hands on previews even nintendoland looks gorgeous and is a fun minigame compilation (hopefully pack in)

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ApolloAdams2376d ago

Why do people feel the need to stay loyal or not loyal to these big corporations who don't care about you.

You are a consumer. You buy what they are selling and that is when the interaction ends.

You aren't entitled t get something because you are a "loyal" fan or been gaming with them for twenty years.

live2play2376d ago

i only own a wii and 3ds
never have owned a ps or xbox

but i dont hate the other company nor have something against them

i would love to own a ps3 and vita too but no dinero :/

vladn2376d ago

First off, I have to say that love the BSG reference in your user name.

Second, your point about consumerism in games is well taken. I will agree that many of us who study the industry closely and purchase products become consumed in the ever continuing 'console war' and essentially carve out extreme brand loyalty to some subset of all companies (the phrase, 'PC gaming master race' says it all).

However, that doesn't mean that the Nintendo (or any other) brand doesn't carry alongside of it a storied reputation. What I love about the company is that they always allowed the innovators/early-adopters to 'let their mind wander' with possibilities of future titles. We purchase the consoles for that sense of awe and wonder. For example, who couldn't wait to try out a fully motion Zelda when the Wii released? or see how depth in a Mario title can be enhanced via stereoscopic 3D? Nintendo has always been able to have the consumer ask themselves the Willy Wonka question: "What will they think of next?"

My post only tries to reflect the company changed their product reveal strategy with the Wii U by only showing us those titles that are releasing this year. You are correct that I'm not 'entitled' to know what's in the future of the console, but you must agree that this was not what the company did for the 3DS, DS, or Wii.

Hicken2376d ago

Brand loyalty is something that comes with being provided with things you WANT. It doesn't work for, say, salt.

But if Nintendo has, over 20 years, consistently provided you with the type of gaming experiences you enjoy most, you become a fan of Nintendo. You begin to have certain expectations, and even taboos.

In basketball(games), there are people who swear by Live, while others swear by 2K; with Live not being around the past two years, some people simply have not played a basketball game. I have certain expectations of ATLUS games, based on my previous experience with their titles. Longtime fans of Resident Evil were by and large displeased with Operation Raccoon City because it was so little like the franchise they've grown to love.

In many markets, the interaction DOES end after your purchase is complete. But this is an entertainment market; it's not nearly so simple. There's the unfortunate side effect of the extreme: the fanboy, who sees no wrong from his preferred product maker and sees little to no right in rivals. But I see nothing at all wrong with having and defending a preference for a certain console maker, franchise, or genre.

StarFox2376d ago

all i wanted was a new star fox. i mean c'mon seven years and all we got was a remake of a n64 game made 15yrs ago for the 3ds. it really pisses me off when nintendo continually keeps rehashing the same crap IE: super mario bros. U when they have all these great franchises. wheres a new star fox, kirby, metroid, hell make a new yoshi story, or a new wario land, bring back kid icarus to consoles, bring back ice climbers. or better yet make a new Mother(earthbound) game like c'mon nintendo any one of those games could have been a system seller. but instead you just reveal pikmin. granted i love pikmin but we already knew this game was in development since the wii first launched i mean they couldn't have added at least one more first party title other than mario.

dark-hollow2376d ago

THIS! they are sitting on a pile of great franchises with huge potential but they refuse to give us what we want.

but honestly i was kind of relieved when they announced kid icarus and donkey kong country returns, it gave me hope for older franchise to make a comeback like F-zero and Earthbound.

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