Watch_Dogs Single-Handedly Saves Current-Gen Gaming

Just when E3 2012 was looking to be a bit of a letdown, Ubisoft unveiled Watch_Dogs, the new title from Ubisoft Montreal that looks set to prove to the world that current-gen still has a ton of life left. With incredible graphics, a refreshing take on free-roam action games, and an exciting narrative, Watch_Dogs raises the bar for innovation and creativity in an industry driven by derivative sequels and an overabundance of shooters.

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Hufandpuf1958d ago

"The gorgeous and incredibly unique aesthetic could almost be considered next-gen"

If only he knew it was running on PC and won't look as detailed on console.

LOGICWINS1958d ago

The article is about CURRENT GEN gaming. The Watch Dogs demo was running on a CURRENT GEN PC. What does the fact that it won't be as detailed as the console version have to do with anything?

ChickeyCantor1958d ago

"The Watch Dogs demo was running on a CURRENT GEN PC."

It's still lightyears ahead of the consoles.
Your point is moot.

LOGICWINS1958d ago

Lightyears? LOL, what demo were you watching? Given a new engine and another year of dev time...the console versions can look very close to what we saw at E3. I bet no one expected AC3 to look as good as it did on current gen consoles, but it does.

MysticStrummer1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

As PC gamers tell us all the time on here, PCs have no generations. It's actually one of the few things they say that I agree with. When I see "Next Gen", "Current Gen", or "Last Gen" I always think of console generations.

OT - No it didn't. Watch Dogs has generated some good buzz. That's all.

ChickeyCantor1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

"what demo were you watching?"
If pcs are utilized to their setup they would easily destroy what is next to come from next-gen consoles.

The problem is that the markets vary and they want to have those with low specs included.

Sadly enough, on top of that consoles dominate game-advancements.

Whether AC3 looks good on current gen is irrelevant.
PC have far more processing power than consoles.

You can not say PC and Consoles are in the same gen. That's just ridiculous.

StrawberryDiesel4201957d ago

Seriously, STFU you delusional fanboy. You sound like a moron.

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KenAdamsNSA1958d ago

I'm almost positive that the E3 demo was running on a 360, as the dev was using a 360 controller. Unless that was running on a PC with a 360 gamepad, which is a possibility. Still, given that Tomb Raider and Halo 4 also looked phenomenal, I'd say that it's quite likely that Watch Dogs will look incredible on consoles as well.

raytraceme1958d ago

Everything multiplat was running on a pc at e3


KenAdamsNSA1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I'll need more sources than one to tell me that. Additionally, The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, and Halo 4 looked wonderful, and there's no way that those games were running on a PC (although you did say multiplatform). I do think that current-gen is here to stay if developers keep finding new ways to push the tech like this.

Also, unless the Splinter Cell Kinect feature ("Hey, you!") was scripted, I also believe that excellent-looking title was on 360. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that I'm skeptical of that statement. I would argue that Tomb Raider was also running on a 360, albeit it was certainly not quite as impressive as the Watch_Dogs demo.

MysticStrummer1958d ago

"Guillemot confirmed the game was being driven on a high-end PC during the press conference last night."

smashcrashbash1958d ago

Um what about Last of Us and Beyond? It didn't 'single handedly' save current gen gaming.

LOGICWINS1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

No, an Uncharted clone and an interactive movie(despite the probability of being good games given the pedigree of the devs behind them) won't save current gen gaming. Watch Dogs displays a fresh concept of having full controller of everything in an open world controlled by computers.

Outside_ofthe_Box1957d ago

I seriously believe that when you get your hands on both The Last of Us and Beyond you will change your opinion about them, for the better that is.

solidjun51957d ago

I seriously believe he will not play/get the game but somehow manage to talk trash. It's funny how one can "analyze" games he hasn't played.

Hicken1956d ago

Someone PLEASE explain to me why you still have more than one bubble.

The Last of Us is about as far from an Uncharted clone as you can get and still remain third person. And since you control Jodie throughout all the quick-time events, it's far more than just an interactive movie. Of course, you'd know these things if you weren't so busy being an idiot.

Watch_Dogs, in comparison, was shown running on PC, and honestly didn't display anything I haven't seen in some game or another before. That doesn't stop it from being and looking amazing, but nor is it some wildly original concept. The primary point, though, is that it's on PC, and is therefore irrelevant to this generation of gaming, as PC gaming has no generations.

Then there's the idea that this generation needs saving in the first place. The slew of great looking titles announced at E3, along with what's come out already this year and last year, indicate that this generation is far from needing saving, even while it's also apparent that the next generation is right around the corner.

How you manage to gain or maintain that many bubbles when the majority of your comments are so grossly devoid of anything resembling intelligent thought is truly beyond me.

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HammadTheBeast1958d ago

Yes, because The Last of Us, Beyond, Tomb Raider, maybe Halo 4, and Assassins Creed obviously show us that the current gen is dead right? /s.

Feel free to add more amazing games to this list, proving that this gen is not dying yet. Or disagree and give me a reason why.

LOGICWINS1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Your putting words into peoples mouths now. No one said current gen gaming was dead. The point thats being put across in this article is that current gen gaming needs more innovative games that push the bounds of creativity. AC3 looks steller, but its the 6th or 7th AC sequel. As far as the Last of Us and Beyond, new concepts aren't being used as they are in Watch Dogs. Beyond is trying to resemble a dramatic film and The Last of Us is too reminiscent if the UC series to be considered innovative. These two games focus more on blending gaming/films than tackling a new gaming concept all together.

KenAdamsNSA1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Although I personally thought that The Last of Us proved that it was more than an Uncharted clone by showcasing the slow, visceral pace of its combat, I will agree that the similarities were easy to draw. That doesn't mean Watch_Dogs is without its obvious inspirations, but the comparison is less clear-cut, especially considering that it looks to be an odd cross between Deus Ex, Assassin's Creed, and GTA, but it retains a uniqueness that makes it stand out as a new IP.

HammadTheBeast1957d ago

Journey and the Unfinished Swan arent innivative enough? Replying is up to you, since your down to your last bubble.

Rupee1956d ago

"As far as the Last of Us and Beyond, new concepts aren't being used as they are in Watch Dogs." What the hell are you talking about? Did you not watch the gameplay footage from LoU?

koston36471958d ago

if only people's usernames reflected their thought process...

Zechs341958d ago

Too much to hope for right? At least you still your bubbles. Apparently most people around here get bubs up for trolling and talking crap... Even the comments here reflect the state of this gen. A bunch of whiny babies pretending to be adults who claim to know about gaming.

Dovahkiin1957d ago

His logic, does not win.

smashcrashbash1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Okay Logic I think calling Last of Us an Uncharted clone and Beyond just an interactive movie just shows the level of ignorance you have despite the amount of bubbles you have or your name. QD already have said they have move beyond just the interactivity of Heavy Rain and calling Last of Us an Uncharted clone because it looks like Uncharted is really stupid.

OF COURSE it will look like Uncharted you idiots. ND made Uncharted so OF COURSE it will look like it. Is every Halo game a clone because it looks like the last one? Why does Quantum Conundrum look like Portal. Because it is a clone? NO! because it was the same company that made it.Is Fallout 3 a clone because it shares similarities to Oblivion. No! So stop the Last of Us is an Uncharted clone crap.

stuna11957d ago

Seems to me certain people don't want to give credit where credit is due!!!

The truth is this generation still has a lot to offer if most developers had the necessary resources and time to really explore each consoles and Yes pcs potential! But sadly time is money and technology evolves at a astounding pace.

The good thing about this is, just because a generation starts, doesn't means the last one ends! Which shows proof with the ps2.
I will still look forward to beautiful and engaging titles on the ps3 and, hopefully the xbox 360 well into the life cycle of the ps4 and nextbox.

Outside_ofthe_Box1957d ago

Yeah, the only similarity in my opinion The Last of Us has to Uncharted is the similar art style and the fact that it is a third person shooter. Other than that the comparisons end.

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