Australian Gamers Furious over Battlefield 3 Premium Pricing Bungle

The service, which gives players who opt-in access to current and upcoming downloadable content as a discounted price (compared to buying them all separately), was advertised on the EA Games website at A$49.99.

When fans logged into the Battlefield 3 store using their PlayStation 3 console, however, the price was listed at A$79.95.

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Hufandpuf2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Australia doesn't just have a gaming problem, they have an economic problem. $4 for a bottle of cola? are you kidding!?

GoldenElf2380d ago

Ugh... Don't get me started.... :(

MAJ0R2380d ago

Well that's what happens when you print and spend too much money, and have a severe lack of competition in the markets.

BattleAxe2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

They don't print too much money, its just the fact that they have to import everything into their country. That, and their tax rate might be a contributing factor. They have their sales tax built into the price, so when you buy something, it doesn't show on the receipt how much tax you've just paid.

I was in Australia in 2005, and even back then their pricing for things like a McChicken meal at McDonalds was around $7.50 AUS. Australians get paid more however, which compensates for this. If the average income in Canada is $50,000 CDN per year, in Australia its $70,000 AUS per year. The Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and the U.S. Dollar are all worth roughly equal amounts these days. Minimum Wage in Queensland was around $10.00 per hour back in 2005 if I remember correctly, which is one of the highest minimum wages I had ever heard of at the time.

reynod2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )



If anything its the USA that prints the most amount of money in the world and is hell bent on devaluing its currency.

Australia at the moment has among the lowest unemployment rate in the world, its about 5% at the moment. Most of the western countries like US, Canada, UK are all above 8%. Hell Europe is above 11% on Avg with Germany being stronger.

Bottomline is its the Austrialian taxes that are keeping things expensive.

Australia happens to be one of the worlds largest Gold exports, check where gold prices are at today and you will get a hint why their people can afford to pay such taxes.

Soldierone2380d ago

Geez and I was complaining about the 2+ dollar price for one of the small bottles yesterday here lol

WeskerChildReborned2380d ago

Aren't regular games like $100?

BitbyDeath2380d ago

Retail games are generally anywhere between $70 and $110 (Depending on the game)
Oh and move games are like $50

specialguest2379d ago

And here we are in the US complaining about how $60 per/game is overpriced.

jamesensor2380d ago

Money money money mooooney...... MOOOOONEY!!! (When I see EA, I listen to Trump's Apprentice show song in my mind)

theWB272380d ago

All of gaming charges a crap load over in Australia, definitely not just EA.

_Aarix_2380d ago

yea like around $90 its ridiculous.

2pacalypsenow2380d ago

why do you think EA makes game?? to make MONEY!

skywarpgreer2380d ago

im from aussie and i thought $50 AUD was fine. whats the problem?

Kyosuke_Sanada2380d ago

I'm guessing the problem is only you feel that way.....

DeusExer2380d ago

I bought it on PC for $50 AUD, which seemed fine as it works out slighty cheaper than buying all DLC seperately.

If I had BF3 on console, no way would I buy it.

It just seems like over here in Australia, companies feel that since we've paid upwards of $110 for a game before, there is no reason why they'd start to charge less, no matter whether the enconomy has fluctuated.

GoldenElf2380d ago

The problem is that they advertised it to be $50, but it was $66 on Xbox and $80 on PS3.

When the community complained, they quickly changed the wording on their ads to make it look like the Origin price is $50, and that the other consoles don't seem to exist.

Brettman20082380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Can't even load the story. Anyone else get this? Anyhow, the Xbox 360 price is 4000 points which in Australia is about $66. This is further riling up the PS3 gamers.

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