Super Mario Bros. 2 Has One Thing on its Mind

Is Nintendo trying to put on a fake front with the hook of it's newest Mario game, or is there something I'm not seeing?

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Treian2350d ago

fans are going to complain

xabmol2350d ago

Fans gonna fan. ...the flames

TheRealist2350d ago

Why take elements from WARIO instead of making an actual WARIO.. I think a Wario Land for 3DS would be killer.. Him & WaLuigi running around greedily collecting coins n treasures in multiplayer would be soooooooo much more appealing & fresh to play than the same thing w a twist.. The virtual boy wario land was awesome & that style of gameplay would be perfect

DanShadow272349d ago

As long as they don't make it like the previous Wario DS game where each level was just way too long and you couldn't wait to stop playing. But the Wario Advance games were great!

eagle212350d ago

I'll download this day 1. :)