Valve Working With 9 Director On His Next Film

Shane Acker the director of the film 9 is teaming up with Brown Bag Films and Valve to create his next film, Deep.

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VanillaBear2082d ago


Oh my god come on Valve, it's one thing after another with you guys and still no HL3.

Thatguy-3102082d ago

9 could have been a good film but the thing was to damn short. Enjoyed it though but just wished it was longer. It had a great atmosphere to explore.

krontaar2082d ago

That movie was horrible.

Jio2082d ago

I agree, Transformers 2 is the best movie ever.

kneon2082d ago

You forgot the /s, some people might actually believe you.

ThichQuangDuck2082d ago


I never take anyone seriously who says they liked Transformers 2, but I have met some people who did still cannot find out why. I fell asleep during transformers 3

kneon2082d ago

I have no problem with someone liking the movie, but anyone that truly believes it's a great movie, let alone one of the best ever is either 8 years old or has the mentality of someone that age.

r212081d ago

hey, i liked that movie so screw you! >:I

WagFanger2082d ago

This is what that previous comment about video game tech being used in films was about...

Well, anyway, stop assing around and get back to work on HL3!

Ducky2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Valve isn't really doing much in the project. They've just licensed their engine to the film-makers.

So don't worry, it's not going to interfere with the development of Ricochet2 and AlienSwarm2. =/