Brief look at Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC

E3 revealed some additional details about newly released DLC, Dawnguard. For Xbox the date should be 26 June 2012, but no official date confirmation for PS or even PC. In Dawnguard you will be the main actor of a new story-line wrapped around Vampires, and promising 15-20 hours of additional content. The new package should feature new skill set which is available to you while in Vampire form, for example summoning Gargoyles or transforming yourself into “cloud” of bats. Seems that the skills will be using your Magicka pool, so magic based characters should have an advantage but nothing is known about other play-styles like Stealth play for example.

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moredekai2378d ago

Stealth players should enjoy the dawnguard side, as they will get crossbows, which do massive damage, and can have their damage multiplied by their sneak skill.

AgreeFairy2378d ago

You only get a brief look at it because if they continued to run it then it would crash/glitch/freeze.