E3 2012 - Sony Sticks To Their Exclusive PS3 Strengths, Disappoints with Vita

They had some surprises ready to be revealed tonight, but in typical Sony fashion, some of those details got leaked earlier today. Their PS3 lineup is still solid from fall to winter 2013, but they didn’t answer the one major issue I wanted them to address, the Playstation Vita. I personally felt they didn’t do enough to persuade consumers to get a Vita despite their new announcements and there are still a lack of games seen on the handheld. Despite that, Sony’s big first-party exclusives were the stars of the show from the beginning to the end of the conference.

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remanutd552229d ago

sony press conference was a disappointment for the psvita because sony didnt dedicated the time and didnt show the games but psvita had a very strong E3 showing, there were 25 games at E3.

live2play2229d ago

people are quick to judge

they want huge libraries very early on in the life of the hand held

psvitas gamers are bigger now so they'll take longer to make

its like people forget about console/handheld launch history

Rabidgummibear2229d ago

I think part of the issue is they just glossed over a lot of the games. Heck Sly 4 was on the show floor but no mention at the conference which is crazy to me.

arbitor3652229d ago

what is this guy smoking? they have tons of great titles lined up for the vita

assassin's creed liberation
sly 4
allstars battle royale
sound shapes
Final fantasy X HD
Metal gear solid collection HD
zone of the enders HD

not to mention all the Minis, PS1 titles, and many downloadable titles that will be released on it.

that is somehow not enough support? give me a break.

Rabidgummibear2229d ago

But they didn't talk about those titles at the conference really. They barely even talked about the vita itself.

Hicken2228d ago

There's a lot of stuff they didn't talk about. But that's different from having nothing to show. Sony had plenty to show off for the Vita; just because they didn't highlight these things in their press conference doesn't make them somehow less important. After all, they spent a lot of time on WonderBook, but that doesn't make it more important to us, does it?

TerraMantis2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

With the gaining popularity of tablets and quality of tablet gaming, I believe hand-held systems like Vita are becoming obsolete anyway. I haven't owned a hand-held gaming device for over a decade now, I think they're more of an Asian thing. They're extremely popular there, and I think Sony knows it. With E3 being an American show, it really didn't need to spend the time on Vita.

But The Last of Us, now that is something I can get behind. Looks absolutely amazing.