Gabe Newell Pops A Cameo For Kickstarter Sword Fighting Game, Clang

Gaming Blend "Two new videos are available for the general public, both detailing what this Kickstarter campaign is about and how to participate. What's more is that Gabe Newell, Valve superstar, makes a cameo in one of the videos as he's hammering out the details on Gordon Freeman's infamous crowbar."

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user54670072293d ago

They should of had something like this hidden away in Skyrim in a remote secret location...get Gabe to voice a character that resembles him forging a crowbar and you could actualy ask him "Is it done yet". That would of been great

vortis2293d ago

And Gaben would reply..."These things take time."

Hicken2293d ago

Newell pops a cameo? Word up?

r212293d ago

a sword game.....anybody else thinking they should make a ps move port of this game?

vortis2293d ago

First thing I thought of when I seen the video and him waving that wand around.