Sim City 5 vs. Cities XL a future showdown?


As many of you may now know, SimCity 5 is slated for release in early next year. Maxis is promising us a glorious and grand return of the title, with amazing new game play and world set up. Yet, they now have some major competition in the city building and simulation genre. SimCity’s cheif competition is Cities XL, which first appeared in 2009 to fill the city building and simulation void left by Maxis and EA when they chose to take such a long break from the franchise. It offers users a full 3D world that could be zoomed into street level and panned 360°, as well as multiplayer capabilities. Cities XL offers and entire globe full of city locations and a variety or maps to choose from, with stunning new and updated graphics it brought to us everything that Sim City 4 couldn’t or hadn’t.

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PSG4MER2229d ago

I am looking forward to Sim City 5!

mjurek2229d ago

I agree that Sim City 5 is looking absolutely spectacular, but will it be faced with fierce competition from Cities XL though? I am definitely on Maxis side though.

PSG4MER2229d ago

Yes I love city building games, but they always fail to integrate online functions properly. I think Sim City 5 will be first city builder game to conquer online city building genre.

Cities XL was first to really attempt online intergration, and it did a good job, but I think Sim City 5 will do much better.

PS. The graphics look awesome.

crazytechfanatic2229d ago

Can't wait for Sim City 5!

Hope it runs on HD3000

Trenta272228d ago

Sims wins. Hands down. It's not even out and I know it's true.

jon12342228d ago

cant wait to hear what kind of music they have