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E3 2012: “Stealth” Games Are Evolving The Wrong Way: Stalking gone stale


"Taken at a glance, you’d have to think that E3 2012 would be a great showing for fans of the stealth genre.

A new Splinter Cell? Hitman? Assassin’s Creed? Metal Gear game?

That would have to be enough for anyone, right?

Yet as stealth games, each title featured a number of failings." (Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, Assassin's Creed III, E3, Hitman: Absolution, Industry, PC, PS3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Xbox 360)

Update LINK BROKEN SORRY: HERE IS THE PROPER ONE: http://oxcgn.com/2012/06/10...

gaminoz  +   764d ago
I sooo wanted to see Thief 4. I've been waiting so long for that game: a genuine stealth game.

I'm not opposed to action as such, but I think stealth games should replicate what MGS4 did and provide options: go stalker style or action, but it is harder that way.
Paradicia  +   763d ago
Dishonoured seems to be the right way forward. It has options for everyone stealth and action. The devs said you can play through entire missions without being seen. It also bases its level design around a hub world where you can go back to a point and upgrade abilities and weapons after levels :)
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gaminoz  +   763d ago
Dishonored looks right up my alley!
Eske  +   763d ago
Dishonored's my most anticipated game. It's looking awesome.

But with so many cool attacking abilities, I don't know if I'll be able to restrain myself and play stealthy!

...not that I'm capable of playing stealthy, anyway. In MGS, I'll spend like an hour mapping my route and all the guard locations, then get spotted by one I didn't see right next to me.

And then, everyone has to die. I don't make the rules.
NYC_Gamer  +   764d ago
The stealth genre is dead because of studios wanting casual success
BadCircuit  +   764d ago
It's where the money is at...as he said Call of Duty shows that.

I agree that better AI is the solution to making it more fun.

I remember how revolutionary it was when I first played Splinter Cell. There isn't enough patience now, but it's about replicating that tension, without slowing down the fun.
vortis  +   763d ago
Chaos Theory is tedious by every definition of the word, but there's no denying how much tension it dumps on you, especially because of how well it was crafted.

It's certainly not a game for casuals by any stretch of the imagination.
Ken22  +   764d ago
*Looks at Splinter Cell:Blacklist*
BadCircuit  +   763d ago
I don't know how Metal Gear Rising Ridiculous Repeating R Revengence can claim to be a Metal Gear game. But I guess there was that RTS game Halo Wars, so I may be being a bit unfair expecting titles to stay true to their roots.
h311rais3r  +   763d ago
Just because it's a metal gear universe doesn't mean it needs to be about stealth. U are playing raiden in super form after all.


That's the issue......
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Hicken  +   763d ago
As h311rais3r says, it's part of the Metal Gear universe; why WOULDN'T it be a Metal Gear?

Halo Wars is the same: it's set in the Halo universe, so it's a Halo game. There's nothing in the rulebook that says a game within a certain franchise HAS to be the same.

Otherwise, there'd be no Mario Kart or any other of the spinoffs. Sonic's games would all be sidescrollers. Final Fantasy games would still be voiceless sprite-based adventures(though a lot of people might prefer that).
Inception  +   763d ago
There's a stealth option in Rising. You can sneak up from behind and stab the enemy with tenchu style. Also, P* already said that you can finish the game without killing anybody, just like the old Metal Gear.
SnotyTheRocket  +   763d ago
The AC MP has, to me, the greatest stealth options
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gaminoz  +   763d ago
I agree. It is a good change to the shooter multi out there
RustedMan  +   763d ago
have you played Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow or Chaos Theory online? that, is the definition of a good time online, and as Gaminoz mentioned, a nice change to the way online multiplayer is played.
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SnotyTheRocket  +   763d ago
@RustedMan Yeah, ive never played Splinter Cell. Stealth is one of my favorite types of game. (Played every MGS)
Valenka  +   763d ago
Has anyone considered that maybe the new games aren't meant to be stealth games any longer? Perhaps instead having stealth elements?
mttrackmaster38  +   763d ago
How is Hitman abandoning anything? Just don't use the point shooting mechanic! Simple as that.
gaminoz  +   763d ago
That's one of his points: that we are actually more rewarded for playing action-style instead of stealth-style and they should improve enemy AI to make it more rewarding to choose the stealthy way.
DeusExer  +   763d ago
Part of me thinks the reasoning behind most of the stealth games taking on a more action orientated focus is due to players themselves.

I just think that there is little patience nowadays. People are used to getting things as they demand, people don't want to wait. The quickest way is the best way.

Stealth games require patience, whereas most people want bang for their buck in today's world.

As the author said, I believe A.I needs to be substantially improved, in order for the stealth genre to be more appealing.

I like feeling like a total badass, mowing down bad guys, but there are other games where I can experience that.
SKUD  +   763d ago
I have to agree with the first part. Attention spans are at an all time low. Good franchises are being degraded to support this group. Very alarming. If the trend continues. I'm afraid gaming will enter a dark age.
koston3647  +   763d ago
chaos theory has yet to be topped......in my opinion.
Fyflin  +   763d ago
Just bought this on PSN for £4, forgot how awesome the gameplay is.
creatchee  +   763d ago
I remember trying to get through Metal Gear Solid 2 with 0 kills and 0 detections. An exercise in patience to be sure. I was never so bold to not allow myself saves though :)
Human Analog  +   763d ago
Thief was my first foray into the stealth genre. I fell in love with that mechanic, and still love it today. Granted games like Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are not quite the same.

If you play them through as only a stealth game, they are challenging. I not only would stealth and entire level and not get any detections, but, I also took out EVERY NPC on the map. Some times it would take 2 hours to clear a large section, or building. It is kind of an exercise in patients.

I am all for games evolving, and moving forward. But I am against them changing to accommodate for lack of skill, practice, or patients.

That said. I am still looking forward to the new Splinter Cell (co op is fun), and dishonored. I hope they get it as right as it looks.
DeusExer  +   763d ago
Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of my favourite games of 2011.

I felt like it did the Deus Ex series, and stealth genre justice.

It allowed you to enhance your abilities and adjust your playstyle if you wanted a stealthy playthrough. It catered for multiple playstyles.

I thought it was implemented well, as you were given a limited amount of upgrades, so the player couldn't max out all avenues.

It's an example of containing both stealth and action, without giving the player all the tools to both styles.
Fyflin  +   763d ago
Also one of my favourite games this gen actually. It's actually more fun (in my opinion) playing stealthily as opposed to guns blazing. You get more use out of your abilities and you actually take the time to explore the levels looking for alternate routes.

Currently on my second play through, going for no alarms:)
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   763d ago
Tenchu was my best stealth game.. I think it was wrath of heaven and it had an awesome mp, you got too choose your character which where all different and they had unique special moves. There where co-op missions and everything...
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   763d ago
Stealth games have really gone in the completely WRONG direction. I remember when the original Splinter Cell was out and it felt soo awesome to actually sneak around. Now "stealth" games are about jumping and hanging off of things in a Hollywood fashion.
googergieger  +   763d ago
It seems the entire genre game is dying out period. It isn't like movies where indie and foreign movies can bring you the true genre piece. Video games need money to be great. I mean you do have your indie games but very few are capable of bringing you something revolutionary or ambitious. Nowadays though everything seems to come as a hybrid. To its credit though Dishonored does look like it'll bring you some stealth heavy options to play its game. I too am waiting for a new Thief game. A new Manhunt while we're at it. Hope new Hitman won't be too different from Blood Money. Felt that game gave me a lot of stealth options.

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