South Park: The Stick of Truth needs to sell 2 million copies to break even

THQ have revealed that the new South Park game, South Park: The Stick Of Truth will require the sale of 2 million copies to break even.

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NYC_Gamer2293d ago

It's doubtful that South Park will move 2 million copies without price cuts

TheGuyWho2293d ago

but its south park, its so well know, it could be possible even in a short amount of time.

WeskerChildReborned2293d ago

But is anyone really gonna wanna spend money on a South Park game?

PS3Freak2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I will.

Anyone who styles themselves a South Park fan should.

Come on, a South Park game overseen by the Trey Parker and Matt Stone themselves? What's not to love?

It will sell 2 mil.

Gorilla_Killa_X2293d ago

I am huge South Park fan and obsidian makes pretty good rpgs so I will be getting this day 1.

WeskerChildReborned2293d ago

Well the Simpsons game did sell over 4 million.

da_2pacalypse2292d ago

I'll be purchasing day1. I love Matt Stone and Trey Parker's comedy!

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Patriots_Pride2293d ago

WTF - How is this even possible, it not like this game has top notch graphics, voice acting, motion cap, physics. The maker said it at E3 that they wanted the same cardboard cut out look from the cartoon.

I think Minecraft is more advance than this game.

Karlnag32293d ago

They also said a lot of time and R&D went into actually pulling that look off.

Neckbear2293d ago

The game itself doesn't need 2 million to break even, it needs 2 million to pay for THQ's other mistakes, most likely.

archemides5182293d ago

no way this is true.......but it will sell 2 million.

archemides5182293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

btw selling two million to break even means this game has the same budget as killzone 2

Persistantthug2293d ago

THQ is just trying to assign recoupment of the UFC losses onto this Southpark game.

Whatever I guess.

If it's good and worth my $60, I'll get it.....if not, then I'll wait. I don't really care about THQ's Udraw and UFC ills. Sorry.

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Kratoscar20082293d ago

SoyjPark is well known so two millions could be possible, as more plataforms this game get the better chances.

Felinox2293d ago

I agree but i find it very disturbing that game deveopment cost have shot so high. Look at what happened to 38studios. Means no new ips...

Ravenor2293d ago

38 was developing a MMO based on the WoW model and absolutely nothing else. Development costs aren't REALLY what did it in.

SleazyChimp2293d ago

The cake is a lie! This is a BS article design to drum up the belief that development costs are that high. That way when next gen hits they can charge us $80 for a game and $30 for dlc thats already on the disc. Then these bastards will be running around screaming BLA-BLAH-BLAH development cost are through the roof! And people will agree because they remember how insane it was that a self-admitted shitty looking show had to sell 2 million copies of its game to "Break even".

It'll sell 2mil easy

Godmars2902293d ago

Get the feeling that much of the cost was just pulling Matt and Trey in.

aPerson2293d ago

Other way around. Matt and Trey approached Obsidian to do it.

KidBroSweets22292d ago

Does anyone know how much profits are made from renting? That's what I plan on doing but I'm not a huge fan of south park but I feel like it'll get real close, if not break the 2 mil mark

GoldenGamer2293d ago

Then they better hope it gets good reviews. I know I'll buy it day 1 if I have the money to spare, but 2 million is quite a feat for the best games, never mind a franchise as controversial as South Park

megajon2293d ago

It's not coming out till mid 2013, if they're going to sell that many they may want to do it before the next generation craze starts up.

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