Gaming Technology Now Used For Movies

Brown Bag’s press release revealed that the technology that will be used to produce the movie will come from the Valve, a video game developing company known for their games such as Portal and Half-Life. Valve has provided help to the team in charge of developing ‘Deep’ by allowing them to use it’s game engine.

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brish2261d ago


Watch the movie Avatar then look at any game released. The reason game engines are not used for movies is when you have to render something in real-time you have to make compromises in quality.

I can see something like this significantly reducing the cost to make the movie but there is no way that it will compete visually to the more traditional CG rendered movies.

IaMs122261d ago

Perhaps this is what Valve has been working on and the reason why Half Life 3/episode 3 is taking forever to release. An updated source engine or a new engine?

Ducky2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Well, if you're aiming for photorealism, then game engines aren't at that level yet... but for something stylized, using a game engine might be viable. (Valve's "Meet the..." videos for TF2 are a good example)

Next-gen engines especially seem suited for it, considering what SquareEnix has shown.

WagFanger2261d ago

Erm... wouldn't that be a step back??

TheModernKamikaze2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

At least the industry is working together.

Sajawal2261d ago

I personally feel it is a set back considering movies such as Avatar are way above the Gaming Industry