A Dragon's Dogma Assessment -

"Dragon’s Dogma is a game that’s wowed critics worldwide, sold well and most importantly given Capcom a competitive slice of the contemporary RPG cake to gorge on. But what is it about Dragon’s Dogma which makes it such an appealing title at this moment in time, faced with such stiff competition such as Max Payne 3, Ghost Recon: FS and Diablo III? Well, here goes our little assessment." -

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Lucretia2378d ago

such an amazing game :D

jessupj2378d ago

I'm having a blast :D

100 hours in and still not tired.

Lucretia2378d ago

im not even sure how many hours im in. maybe 30 or 35.

still didnt finish the wyrm license slow haha.

level 43 though XD.

im guessing Wyrm License is still close to the beginning of the game :D

joab7772378d ago

I agree too. It is a true rpg. Finally I can level in an area, get strong, move on, come back and kick a$%. I don't have to worry about my world scaling with me making my leveling simply an exercise in getting new stuff. I love the party and the pawn system. Its a great feeling to go to an inn and see that someone has taken ur pawn out for awhile.

All in all, I'm loving it. Unfortunately, its summer & now I work 50 hours a week. I guess this fun will last awhile.

GuruStarr782378d ago

I'm loving it.... getting my ass kicked, beating Golems and using every last health herb I have only to still have to face off with a Griffin...

damn that Golem.

vikingland12378d ago

I just got the game two days ago and I love it so far. I bought the xbox version and there is screen tearing constantly. I should have got the ps3 version I think, but I still am really enjoying it.