Destructoid - E3: Persona 4 Golden makes me want a Vita

Destructoid: "Persona 4 Golden is a perfect fit for the Vita, and if you’re like me, you’ll take any excuse to jump into the town of Inaba. If you missed out on Persona 4 the first time, Golden will deliver one of the best RPG experiences with even more than the PlayStation 2 version."

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LOGICWINS2292d ago

I think in the long run, Vita will end up out doing the PS3 on the JRPG front. Persona 4 is an excellent start.

Gamesgbkiller2292d ago

I don't know the game
but i will give it a try

belac092292d ago

this is the reason i bought the vita, i cant wait!!!!1

Redempteur2292d ago

P4 is one of those reasons i'm not too worried about the Vita future.

jek72292d ago

i really liked persona 3 on psp. im pretty sure this will be good on my vita. when will this be released? i hope they localize more quality jrpg