Death of a Console: Coping with PlayStation Cessation

As Clint struggles to make sense of the early death of his PlayStation 3, amid the gleeful laughter of the Sony fans he's previously offended, he pauses to reflect on his time spent in search of trophies:

If you happen to be a frequent listener of our almost weekly podcast Victory Fanfare, or like myself are a hotshot personality on said podcast and can be better described as an infrequent participator, then you're already aware that my 60GB first generation PlayStation 3 recently succumbed to fatal hardware failure. It was purchased by my father during the wholly uninteresting year of 2006 for the sole purpose of playing Blu-ray discs and sporadic half hour sessions of Oblivion. A week later it was inherited by yours truly because I am a vile totem of malicious greed and avarice and my wrath must be quelled with sacrificial consumer electronics. Though this particular model had been notoriously hexed with numerous overheating issues it saw me through a stellar five and half years with only one significant hiccup along the way.

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sway_z2380d ago

Consoles break down, get over it... anyway if yours was an original launch day 60GB model...i'd say you had a good run!

Spare a thought for all the early launch day adopters of the 360....that was a nightmare. I would know, my launch 360 RROD 4 times. Phonecall after phonecall, repair after repair. MS were quick to replace it...great customer service, but that's not the point.

JasonSavior2380d ago

What is the point? That we should simply accept the diminishing lifespan of consoles?

It's great that you had what you consider to be a great customer service experience, but most of these old consoles are by now out of warranty and consumers aren't obligated to be complacent when fairly major purchases suddenly die on them.

Cajun Chicken2380d ago

That's really weird. My 60GB PS3 died about 2 weeks ago too. Sent it to this specialist and hope the results pay off. Doubt I'll be able to afford another one any time soon.

Tyre2380d ago

@Cajun Chicken Very weird indeed mine died 2 weeks ago too.

kingPoS2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

My referb 60gb now 120gb since 2010 is still going strong.
It's mostly a bluray player, network media, netflix & vudu
machine now with an adverage 2-3 game a month.
In other words Remote > Controller

duplissi2380d ago

my 60 bit it last november... i still have it and have plans to have it repaired but as of now it has been replaced by a 160

urwifeminder2380d ago

My 40gb lasted 3 years but i only played 17 games total lots of bluray play killed it i guess,i fell asleep watching a movie turned it off never came back on so i got a bluray player been happy with it.

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