E3 Impressions: The Low Tech Gamer Show

E3 is finally over, and there is definitely a lot to talk about. Low Tech Gamer is posting their impressions of the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Press Briefings. Overall, Greg and Jimmie both agree that Sony won E3 at the 2012 conference. Followed by Nintendo and then Microsoft. There are definitely a ton of games coming out over the next year. However, Sony is the only one of the big three that is pushing forward and releasing some stellar AAA titles. Microsoft is playing it safe, and to us, appears that they are readying themselves for the next generation of consoles. Finally, Nintendo is lacking a big compelling title to draw the hardcore audience to their new machine. All of the new original games have a family and causual gamer focus. And all of the hardcore games are just ports that are available on other consoles.

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