E3 2012: No new consoles?

Why weren't any new consoles announced this year? Sure, we got more info on the Wii U, but what about Microsoft and Sony?

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pixelsword2295d ago

Nope; no new consoles...

...and that's basically it. :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2295d ago

Like I said before, I would feel more comfortable if this generation's issues were fixed before the unveiling of any more new consoles.

It would be disheartening if on-disc DLC, DRM and other sins of this era made it's way to the next especially for launch titles.....:/

Persistantthug2295d ago

Well said to the both of you. :)

MysticStrummer2295d ago

"Sure, we got more info on the Wii U, but what about Microsoft and Sony?"

I seem to remember both MS and Sony saying beforehand that there would be no new consoles revealed by them at E3. Why are so many internet wannabe journalists shocked that they did what they said they would do? Oh... I answered my own question.

JBit922295d ago

Because E3 can be full of surprises... Remember Twisted Metal?

MysticStrummer2295d ago

I'm not sure how that's relevant. Sony didn't say "There will be no Twisted Metal at E3." and then reveal the game.

JBit922295d ago

Dave Jaffe did. He repeatedly told gamers it would not be shown at E3, then sure enough Sweet Tooth rolled out onto the stage.

JBit922295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

"The Wii U say... hello?"

It's not a newly announced console, Nintendo revealed it last year.

Hatiko2295d ago

People actually expected new consoles? Hahaha.