Will The Last Of Us Be Better Than Uncharted?

Naughty Dog is no doubt one of the best developers of all time, they pack quality into their games on a largely unrivaled scale. Their thrilling stories and addicting gameplay have had us enjoying their games for years. This gen, Uncharted has had us hooked on it since 2007. But will their new IP, The Last Of Us, top the successful action adventure giant that is Uncharted?

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Dante1122293d ago

Who knows, we have to get our hands on the game first.

NewMonday2293d ago

the E3 demo made me forget all about Uncharted.

i fell the Last of Us will be the new standard bearer for ND

fei-hung2293d ago

I cannot forget uncharted. As much as I love the look of The Last of US, I prefer the adventure treasure hunter feel and theme.

The Uncharted series can freely explore all the corners of the globe and explore various myths and legends.

The Last of Us looks brilliant, but it has a different purpose all together in terms of genre - it is not an adventure game as much as it is survival horror. Nor is it there to succeed Uncharted.

MaxXAttaxX2293d ago

The Last of Us is not here to succeed Uncharted. They're different games and both accomplish different things.

jeseth2292d ago

Watching the Demo made me wish Naughty Dog made the Walking Dead games!


Two completely different genres.

Uncharted is alot more about platforming and shooting, The Last Of Us is a lot more about surviving and exploring.

One is straight action as you have many weapons and lots of ammo, it's more linear and your health regenaterates automatically.

In the other you apparenntly have much more limited resources, the health is limited and although you may be able to go all guns blazing and fighting, it may be more cleaver to choose stealth or even avoid combat all together.

In the end, it will depend on what kind of game suits you the most.

Awesome_Gamer2291d ago

I could never forget Uncharted, that franchise is easily my favoutite this gen, i do hope The last of us will be as good or better though, love Naughty Dog <3

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sourav932292d ago

I know TLOU will will be amazing. But Nathan Drake will never leave our homo.

ginsunuva2292d ago

It could easily top Uc3. Nothing could top Uc2, though.

jeseth2292d ago

Agreed, UC2 was unreal! What an awesome game.

Hufandpuf2293d ago

Yeah, did you see that AI? I think its above everything currently out right now.

kevnb2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

sadly most games have almost no ai anymore, so the basic ai the last of us showed was "amazing". The enemies still popped out of cover predictably, and moved around exactly as expected. Its sad that FEAR still has the best ai in any action game, we are talking 8 years of no progress. Maybe on harder difficulty the ai might become more unpredictable, like a real person would be.
Lets focus on what they did right. Solid gunplay mechanics, awesome animations, and the gameplay adapts to how the player is playing.

LiViNgLeGaCY2293d ago

I disagree. I think the A.I we saw in The Last of Us was above anything I've seen in F.E.A.R.

CGI-Quality2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I would usually argue for both F.E.A.R. and Killzone 2 (the latter I still feel retains the best A.I. on consoles), but from what The Last Of Us has shown, it bests them both. You might need to watch it again.

Keep in mind that neither F.E.A.R. nor Killzone 2 have as dynamic of A.I. or as many types of scenarios as The Last Of Us. It's really not even a debate.

IHateYouFanboys2293d ago

"Keep in mind that neither F.E.A.R. nor Killzone 2 have as dynamic of A.I. or as many types of scenarios as The Last Of Us. It's really not even a debate."

Hahahahaha thanks for the laugh. Like kevnb said, fear still has the best AI. It is far more dynamic than what we saw in the demo of TLOU. Have you even played fear? From your comment I'd have to say you haven't.

DigitalAnalog2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

You should see the "extended" impressions of TLOU. Every journalist who attended the event ended up even MORE amazed than the original E3 trailer because they didn't act "predictably" as you claimed. One of the actions caught my attention is that the enemies is able to use the very same materials to create molotov cocktails as you (meaning you don't get their items no more). According to the impressions, they can run away if they feel that they are overwhelmed, something NEVER before seen including FEAR.

As far as I'm concerned FEAR had the best tactical AI which makes for a compelling shooter (at that time), but everything TLOU have brought is far more advanced because enemies actually react to what you do whether it being tactical or survival. They can even resort to "deperation" attempts if they feel the need to.

MaxXAttaxX2292d ago

Very true, I read those previews.

DigitalRaptor2292d ago

@ IHateYouFanboys

what is so ironic is that you're clearly a fanboy yourself with an attitude like that. Read what DigitalAnalog said and you'll realise that what CGI-Quality said wasn't so incorrect after all.

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spunnups2293d ago

I dont know about better, but I have no doubt it will be just as good. From what we've seen, it looks to be M rated with that familiar Naughty Dog charm, it's gonna be fantastic.

kevnb2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

what i like about it is the lack of recharging health, and the fact that nobody can take a clip full of bullets before dying. That and the little things naughty dog does with the animations.

bahabeast2293d ago

if it causes more people to buy ps3's then maybe but who knows. i am REALLY REALLY looking forward to soul sacrafice though.

LiViNgLeGaCY2293d ago

YES!!! Same here. That game looks freakin' awesome! The co-op looks like it's going to be addictive.

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