Sony confirms non-routine maintenance on PlayStation Network (Update)

Sony has confirmed, that are currently non-routine maintenance on the PlayStation Network, but no time frame when it´s over.


The PlayStation Network is back online and all services available.

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Dante1122378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Whew, glad to hear.

Edit: Hey, UK guys, the PSN is up. Check now.

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MaximusPrime2378d ago

see.. the world is not doomed. what with the panic?

anyway, back to watching football

SilentNegotiator2377d ago

Every time I read some doofus's comment insinuating that any unscheduled downtime is an "attack" (20 minutes in, with 10 more until it ends up coming back on), I can hear Muscle Man's scream of terror as he heads for a bunker with tin foil on his head.

irepbtown2377d ago

I was watching the match when I get a text asking me if PSN was down with me.

I think the world was close to collapse after that scare.

slaton242377d ago

i never knew it was down i was signed in and playing online...oh well i bet people thought the end of the world was coming cause of no psn...

redDevil872378d ago

Woah, almost had to go outside . . .

ThanatosDMC2378d ago

I went outside... it was scary. I didnt know how much health i had left.

Servbot412377d ago

As long as you were in the shade your health should be regenerating.

MAJ0R2377d ago

Not if your playing The Last of Us.

stage882377d ago

I went outside once, the graphics were amazing but the gameplay was awful.

irishyort2378d ago

Now if only NA could get their act together!

Still waiting on Velocity to be released on PSVita store. Thats a month now that all other regions have had it and NA still havent!

Hope this doesnt happen with Retro City and Sound Shapes or else Im moving country!!!

ZBlacktt2378d ago

I love how drama is made out of simple maintenance. Top story PSN is out worldwide ( 6 hrs ago )!!!! Next top story, PSN is back up ( 5 hrs ago )!!!!

irishyort2377d ago

Cmon man.. Not a scheduled close down, so people with credit cards ir that have been scammed before may be a little concerned.

Probably better someone reports it then wondering if you should cancel another credit card just in case.

DeFFeR2377d ago

Are we really going to be gun-shy every time PSN goes down though? That's pretty ridiculous.

I have 100% faith in Sony that something like what happened last year will not happen again (at least not for a very long time.)

WeskerChildReborned2377d ago

Lol we are all just cautious due to the incident last year.

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