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gamrReview: "From what you’ve just read it’s easy to see that I’m very excited for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. After my short time witnessing the game first hand I already believe that Ubisoft may just have created the most real, engaging and innovative Splinter Cell in a very long time".

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Spectator12377d ago

The MS conference demo didn't impress me; looks like a pretty by-the-numbers sequel, with even less emphasis on stealth than Conviction.

Kantor2377d ago

I'm not sure how much further they can go with stealtht to be honest.

Spectator12377d ago

Do we really need another standard TPS series tho? :/

Walker2377d ago

I hate Splinter Cell: Blacklist, I wanted something like Chaos Theory !

General Shrooms2377d ago

I'm with ya, if they don't deliver with Spy vs Mercs then I'm not buying it.

ThichQuangDuck2377d ago

After the Blacklist gameplay and their damage control I have come to terms that chaos theory will never happen again. They have given up on stealth and sold out which is sad since sales were better when it was stealthy. The lead working on the game compared chaos theory to playing as a grandma vs a predator in new games. Chaos Theory was perfection, they should just remake it on a new engine than I will forget all the new shit they are doing. Spies vs mercs is the only possible reason for me getting it

WagFanger2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Well, to be honest, while I agree this game looks good, this has split a lot of people.

I've seen people complaining that it isn't the original voice actor for one.

But the main thing is lack of stealth. I know Splinter Cell has seemingly become less and less stealthy through the series, but that was what the game was originally about, and should at least retain the OPTION to be stealthy.

However, I do see the issue. What more can they do with stealth? There's only so much sneaking you can do before it really isn't unique. Also, enemies just seem to be really dumb for the stealth, magically not seeing you because your in a slight shadow and stuff.

ThichQuangDuck2377d ago

Play Chaos Theory and tell me the AI is dumb considering it is on Xbox then even double agent then ask yourself why the AI actually gets dumber as the games progress

hennessey862377d ago

any more, its to action orientated. I just hope they do include some stealth levels because that action point and click shit won't cut it.

NYC_Gamer2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Ubisoft is just ruining the Tom Clancy brand

h311rais3r2377d ago

Basically. They're just shooters now. No tactics what so ever at all. Just KILL EM ALL gameplay. May chaos theory rip...

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