Final Fantasy III coming to PSP

Final Fantasy III is coming to PSP. Next week’s Jump has first word on the release, which is a port of the 2006 DS version. Players will be able to toggle between the new soundtrack and the original Famicom soundtrack.

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Myst2376d ago

Kind of wish they would just slap all old Final Fantasy titles (as much as they can fit) on the Vita. As much as I would like to revisit them it seems a new one is being brought to something and I know it's really to grab cash but Square would get so much more face value by going that route.

jc485732376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

for the Vita? could you imagine how long that will take? If people already own them on psp, ds, ps2, or even the psn, I really don't see the point for Square Enix to cash in again. It's just time consuming as hell. I'm glad they're remastering FFX.

Myst2376d ago

I get what you mean and my sentiments follow it as well but I mean since they are doing it already why not just set up a team - do it and be done with it? Seems like every year (or perhaps a few months in between?) Final Fantasy is being "re-made" for X system.

jc485732376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

so how is that any different from what they've already re-released on other consoles? I rather see an enhancement or makeover of some of the older titles. I wouldn't want them to simply slap all the originals on one cartridge. At least three part collection of all Final Fantasy games. Maybe 5, but I see where you're coming from. I grew up playing games from way back in the days, so I've gotten used to the constant remakes and rereleases of the originals that I continue to buy. In case one breaks down, you got at least the other versions you can play on.

Myst2376d ago

Well they wouldn't be going back and forth diverting resources away from other projects new or old. Just seems like it would be better to form a team and have them go at it while others do another. At this rate it seems as if they pull people away from a project have them do this put them back on when they are done and pull away again to work on another (similar) project.

Well also if the cartridge way isn't viable there is always the store just as well I suppose. Yeah I've seen quite a few games get re-made,re-mastered and such as well.

jc485732376d ago

Well, I guess they feel more comfortable remastering FFX themselves. They don't really do a lot of the porting themselves to be honest.

Myst2375d ago

Ah well that's good ( At least for me ) as I don't remember playing it at least not all that much.

Redempteur2376d ago

Square ... you should have done this with updated polygons ( and world map ) on the vita instead ....

Uncharted2Vet2376d ago

-_- even more ports awesome...........

Eamon2376d ago

FFS can they stop rehashing the old FFs and finally do a remake of FF6 or FF7.

helghast1022374d ago

Fuck that.
Final Fantasy V needs a remake the most, in the same style as III and IV DS, difficulty turned up to stupid.

D3mons0ul2375d ago

They need fundage for FFXV...porting to make a quick buck is understandable when you've been on everyone's shit list anyway and have lost so much.

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