E3 2012 Game of the Show

Who will take the crown this year? The Last of Us or Watch Dogs?

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DigitalAnalog2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Everything was well with Watch Dogs until it turned into an uber-generic TPS shoehorned into the mix. All that effort only to use the most arbitrary shooter mechanic betrays the premise it wowed me in the first place. The hacker ALREADY has all the power disposed in his hand (literally) and then uses a nonsensical method to achieve his goal.

TLOU on the other hand showcased how dynamic AI works from start to finish, no funny Uncharted moments and no big scripted set-pieces at the end of the show. It's not afraid to be it's own game therefore it earns more credibility than Watch Dogs.

h311rais3r2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Dude...really? your Saying it's bad to have a nonsensical event in a GAME? If your going to pull that card then I guess the last of us is worse because the player can choose to fight 5 people at the same time instead of avoiding the situation which would have made survival chances. Both games showed action parts to stir people up.

U have no idea how the watch dogs demo could have played out in your hands. Perhaps you could have followed the car, remotely shut it down and drop a grenade trough the window.

Also tlou shooting elements were just like every other tps, not saying watch dogs isn't, but seriously the only thing that makes the gameplay in tlou stand out is HOW the AI can react and the only impressive part was ambushing Joel. The hostage taking is nothing new and neither is reacting to a gun.

The game looks fantastic don't get me wrong but you seem to be letting hype take over judgement. Your basing the entire game off of 1 event and don't seem to have thought evey possible out come for the situation in the game with the tools provided.

Raise drawbridge on target anyone?

DigitalAnalog2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

"Dude...really? your Saying it's bad to have a nonsensical event in a GAME?"

NO, don't over-interpret what I just stated. I'm saying the pacing was went a total 180 the moment the TPS action was initiated. It would've been better to leave out the TPS element for another session and focus on new aspect of the gameplay. How you manage to compare this and TLOU blows my mind entirely. It's as if you're trying to overreact to aspects of a game simply to bolster your argument.

"The hostage taking is nothing new and neither is reacting to a gun."

You're right, it isn't. But my argument isn't about what's new and not, IT'S CONSISTENCY.

There was nothing in TLOU that was out of place, sure, he dealt with more that 5 people but it was more of a 1-on-1 scenario as opposed to the standard shooter that goes 20 to 1.

At no point did I try undersell Watch Dogs, I simply loathed the "GENERIC" elements <--- yes, you know the TPS mechanic we've seen over and over again. Everything else was absolutely FINE, yes I'm sure you agree with me that the hacking mechanic was the SELLING point, and that is what I was trying to get at. Had they ended up with the hacking element from start to finish and I would've a different opinion about it.

Nimblest-Assassin2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I think the reason TLOU has the advantage is because it was announced earlier, and we got trickles of info until e3 so we can see the big picture.

Hands down watch dogs is the biggest surprise of the show, and that is its greatest strength, but also its weakness.

We only know what we saw in the demo, but what else does that mean? Does the hacking have other effects or are those the only interactions. Who is Adrian Pierce and why is he doing this? Whats up with the multiplayer. The reason games win e3, is because they answer the qustions gamers had about their games.

We still don't know that much about watch dogs.. its a game I am looking forward to personally, but I think AC3 and TLOU had the advantage for game of the show,since we finally saw what was being built up to, and had questions answered... where as Watch Dogs surprised the hell out of us, and now we are all asking questions

And i think answered questions are better than new ones

Don't get me wrong... Watch Dogs looks bloody brilliant... and I would be completley fine with it winning best of show. Hell Venturebeat, Kotaku and some other place gave it best of show

Where as Gamestop, Destructoid, telegraph and examiner gave it to TLOU

Both won Gamesradars most valuable game award

Im fine... because both games look incredible

telekineticmantis2145d ago

Watch dogs is basically, Max Payne 4 with a really cool concept, basically saying, I thought they were gonna make the character a cyber god, but his cyber prowees is basically a means to start shooting everything in sight, it's not exactly an issue but more a disappointment.

The Last of Us, plain as day should be more open world, atleast at some points, I know Linear means better story, but some portions should be about freedom until you get to a certain point

Beyond, QTE combat, the way they impliment QTE' s are brilliant in some cases, they allow gamers to play some nuances we'd never get to otherwise, but we need an attack button, jump button, aim button, shoot button. Allow gamers to make their own gameplay decisions, not make a choice based on what QD gives you.

God of war Ascension, definitely the most fun, and the game I wanna play right now, and can't wait for. It added some really cool gameplay systems, the game looks beautiful, and action packed, but they should need a real departure from what we've seen from GOW already, some different environments, gameplay etc. Also co-op mode with Achilles and other mythological characters, and Sony Santa monica supporting those MP modes.

Star wars 1313, didn't show enough of the game, but it looked really good.

Nimblest-Assassin2144d ago

The only one I can explain for you is the last of us.. since I too have questions about the other games on your list as well.

Even though TLOU is linear, its using a wide linear system. That means, even though the story funnels you through, you are able to tackle challenges differently, and enemies react diferently for every new strategy you try. Also from some of the 17 minute demos journalists saw... they say the game opened up more to them in the demo... which is why journalists are giving it best of show, because they got to see more... which is the same with Bioshock infinite last year.