Reaction: What Happened to EA and Nintendo's Unprecedented Partnership?

At last year's E3, EA CEO John Riccitiello shared a stage with Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to announce that the two companies would join together in an "unprecedented partnership" for the launch of Wii U. Neither party gave any real indication what this would involve; Riccitiello was left to praise the upcoming console, focusing particularly on the online functionality. It was the first time he had graced the stage of a Nintendo E3 conference. It was a big deal. Yet we heard nothing of it this year, so Nintendo Life asks: what's going on?

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Rrobba2381d ago

Perhaps the rumours where true? Rumours stated EA and Valve were competing to get Steam/Origin on Wii U as it's online store. Maybe Valve won and now EA is pissed.

Unlikely, but possible.

It was probably just PR bullshit as always, though.

chanmasta2381d ago

Valve/Steam on Wii U = Win.

shackdaddy2381d ago

There was an article somewhere where the A guy stated they were still supporting wiiu. He talked about madden and fifa or something like that...

DeadlyFire2381d ago

WiiU will recieve full EA support on Wii U just give it some time.

Nintendo specifically stated that the games shown at E3 were all aimed for launch or in the launch window for Wii U so they didn't show anything that is coming in 2013. So there is plenty of news to come about WiiU EA games and all.

ozstar2381d ago

EA is the devil, Im sure that had something to do with it.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2380d ago

I am sure some of the EA games that he mention will end-up on WiiU but people keep forgetting all of the hassle that comes with diverting resources on to a new platform.

I have seem many times were a developer or a manager has been GEEKED about a platform but could not due to Shareholder, the Board, or funding.

It will take a while- it may even require a NEW fiscal year which begins in Feb 2013.

Like most people, I believe that Nintendo has got to be planning another big Show (or Big way to Show)- before they bring this thing, this...WiiU to market.