Sony E3 2012 press conference recap … in limerick form

Jack Tretton was first to the stand,
With visionary David Cage in hand.
A game called Beyond,
Ellen Page, her hair gone.
“Play Beyond?” Now, I understand!

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Patriots_Pride2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

The Last of Us was the only thing I liked.

The other stuff was see attached image.

bub162227d ago

someone trying to rap. this sucks

RememberThe3572227d ago

Didn't even bother the read it after reading the description. I just used it as a reason to spout my opinions lol.

RememberThe3572227d ago

I'm excited for Beyond and The Last of Us, GoW: Ascension had a horrible showing IMO, they didn't show us anything we hadn't seem before and it make me wonder if the team is running out of ideas and needs to set the series aside for a while.

Other than that it was a press conference. I got basically what I was expecting.

Virtual_Reality2227d ago

The only thing I was disappointed, is that they didn't show DUST 514 new details or at least the new trailer.

ChunkyLover532227d ago

They aren't running out of ideas, they are in full next generation mode. People should feel pretty lucky that Sony has been putting out so many exclusives this late in the console generation. At some point they have to shift focus so that they can avoid a launch like the PS3, which didn't really offer that many great games at launch.

Next year we will see a ton of titles that will kick off a new generation from Sony and Microsoft.

NavySeal742227d ago

I really missed kevin butler i thought he would have been there.