First Short Look at DUST 514 Neocom - PS Vita Companion App

Gamespot just dropped brand new video of DUST 514 featuring Vita companion app (DUST 514 Neocom) as well (at 8:00) for a brief moment! Check it out!

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GribbleGrunger2327d ago

very interesting. i didn't know it was free to play and i didn't know there was a Vita app for it... basically, i knew nothing!!!

JellyJelly2326d ago

Game looks horrible on both platforms. Don't understand the hype at all.

Look at this:

Can you honestly say that this looks exciting?

r212326d ago

dude, for a F2P FPS game integrated with Eve Online, it looks pretty good. Btw, the vita version is a companion app, not a game.

Anyways, im still confused how this all works together. Like how many people on a map or a huge map? Is this gonna be a sci fi MAG?

morganfell2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

jellyjelly isn't in the close beta and has no idea what those of us that are in it have been experiencing.

Besides, go look at this:

All but 3 comments are Sony hating. What does that say about the worth of his remarks.

Virtual_Reality2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Explain me how can you judge a build that is still in development? Did you at least saw the differences between the E3 Build and the current build? This mean at launch it will have better details, you're not a beta tester nor you don't have any knowledge about EVE.

The concept of DUST 514 is revolutionary and innovative, if you can't see this, is because you simply don't want to accept it.

Exciting fits perfectly for DUST 514, because other hardcore FPS and MMO games on consoles are not even close to what DUST 514 can do for the MMOFPS hybrid genre.

Not to mention, the game will be evolving from gameplay mechanics, content, graphics, the expansions or DLC's are free along with the PC players. So why is this not exciting?

HammadTheBeast2326d ago

I'm in the beta right now, and I can say it's awesome, despite some balance issues. 1 on 1 fights take lots of skill, and when you come face to face with a Heavy suit, it's like an "oh f*ck" moment. Unless your scout, then he's done for.

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Sheikh Yerbouti2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

He did mention gameplay on the Vita as well? He said it isn't a shooter, but then what? Puzzles?