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Two of the elements that have continually nagged ARMA’s otherwise expertly-crafted sense of realism are the CPU AI and the game’s voice work including some infamously awkward radio communication. Crowe assured players that Bohemia was well-aware of the criticism and that the team was working hard to make sure every element of ARMA III delivers an unremittingly immersive experience.

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JRPGLuva2230d ago

Not my kind of game, but I can appreciate what the developers are trying to do.

CyberCam2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

It's cool that it's not your kind of game.

Personally, I can't wait for the under water combat, finally something original in a shooter/milsim.

I also can't wait for all the creative free mods, from the modding community.

madmad2230d ago

Tried playing it once and I got insta killed from an enemy that I couldn't see 600 yards away.

Battlefield for me.

RaptorMan2230d ago

You have to put a little time into it. ArmA is frustrating at first but once you learn it, its really fun.

beerkeg2230d ago

Patience is a virtue madman. It's also a necessity with Arma, like RaptorMan says you need to persevere and you get into the swing of things and can enjoy it more.

h311rais3r2230d ago

So...what your saying is the second a game presents a challenge you give up....great way to play.

CyberCam2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

And this is the reason why we have tons of simplified games that have this crazy amount of "accessibility" in them. Most shooters/adventure games are usually under 10 hours.

Challenging games are far & few between these days, the majority of players seem to want everything to be easy. They don't know the word trial & error.

Long gone are the days, when it took you almost a week to get through one level of a shooter/adventure game.

StreetsofRage2230d ago

I see what Madman is saying. ARMA isn't a bad game, but for people like myself with limited time and so many games to play, it's hard to put in the time to just one game.

Battlefield is a game where anybody can jump in and grab some kills.

ARMA is a very impressive game tho'...i wish I did have the time, but my backlog in gaming is big enough.

Somebody2229d ago

In one session I took a quad bike, a friend took a BMP and another friend took an ammo truck. Together we rushed towards a town tens mils away. The truck turned upside down over a sand bank and the BMP tried turned it upright again. Some AI enemy RPGed all the vehicles but I killed them while my BMP friend dragged out the unconscious body of the truck driver.

After a revive all three us resume our journey to the town. On foot. 3 miles away. Three infantrymen running towards a town occupied by an enemy armoured division (which we later discovered to our horror).

Yes, patience is a virtue and a necessity while playing Arma 2 multiplayer. Frustrating and gratifying at the same time.

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sharpsword2230d ago

I'd like to try it out. Hopefully, they've release a demo.

CharmingMan2230d ago

I'd pay to see a CoD player get owned in this.

CaptCalvin2230d ago

Hopefully the campaign in this one is as deep as that of the original OFP.

beerkeg2230d ago

One of my most memorable gaming moments was getting cut of from the squad and ending up in the forest crapping myself because there were enemies all around and tanks in-between the forest and where I needed to get to.

Now that was hardcore.

CaptCalvin2230d ago

I felt A LOT safer when I learnt you can hide in the bushes. Most games will have the enemies see you right through them.

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